Friday, October 19, 2007

AA says "Admit it"

Ok, ok. There is this famous twelve step program. Its first step starts out by simply admitting you are wrong. That something is amiss. That you simply just, well, suck at life. Well, at least something in life. We all hide it. We all want to look better than we are. It is as though all people go around with the hope that everybody else will think they are perfect. Whatever!! We all have our faults, but all of us have a hard time admitting it. It happened to me once. Ok, many times, but finally, about the age of 19 and a half, it hit me. I could change. I did. Then I didn't. But now, it is time to admit it once more.

Starting in November I am asking for a little bit of help from family. As the holiday season begins, I wish to keep of any unwanted poundage and take off some that I have gained. Ok, a lot that I have gained. So this is how I am going to do it, with your help.

I will have an additional blog, one that will be my weight loss blog so as not to add a personal mess to this blog. I will expect some of those that return again and again to this blog to check it out occasionally and help motivate, inspire, and assist in my losing 100 pounds. This will not be an easy task, but I am asking family to keep on me to ensure that I am working on it. It seems like no matter how hard I seem to try, I can't do it. But if others know of my goal and what I am trying to accomplish, they will be to me. (Just as an FYI, Tiffany has tried to motivate me, but she fears she will be a nag, and no wife wants to be a nag!)

With that said, come November 1st, I expect to hear somebody tell me that I need to work harder, eat less, and exercise more and ask reports back.

Thank you for your help.



Carrie said...

Okie dokie. You asked for it. You wanna add to that goal that after losing weight, to run a marathon with your baby sister? Eh? You know it helps to keep on track if you have another goal in front of you, like getting ready for a nice long race of 26.2 miles.

Just a thought. Either way you got my support, even if I have to kick your trash along the way. :)

darcey said...

Nice labels, dude!

100 pounds? Are you serious? What's your goal, to look like a drowned rat? I guess that's sort of in style these days so I shouldn't hold you back from your dreams. Tell me when you gots your blog up and I'll be checking it daily and nagging constantly!

Marti said...

We'll do our best to help too. Maybe it will motivate others (ME!) as well. THis family has a problem in this area, and I completely and totally lay the blame our family history/ancestors! But we are stuck. Sometimes it's hard to be so healthy!! :)

Christy said...
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Matt said...

Oops, I wrote under Christy's account so that's why it looks like she removed a comment.
Anyway You've got my support. In fact I'm using a program that can help in tracking food intake and another that ties into the former for workouts to calculate calories gained and burned and how much more or less you need to eat each day to stay with your goal. If you think it'll help let me know and I'll give you the link. Good Luck Bro!!!

noremac40 said...

Fat Fred, Skinny Fred, Hmmm I know the first sounds better but certainly the second would look and feel much better. May the force be with you! What you need to do is take a before Picture of your physic and then every 4 weeks take another so you have measured progress and eventually inspiration that you see that will motivate you further. If you post your before pics, I'll post mine!!!! PS I agree with Darcey--100 lbs? Might I suggest a waist size goal instead, besides don't you want some muscle to go with that fat loss?

FRED said...

For all who care, I am currently sitting at a weight of about 320.

According to everything I can find, I should be somewhere between 210 and 230. So 220 is the goal. For those that care, that is about what I was at when I came home on the mission.

Thanks to all for the help. Or future help. Or perhaps future nagging. Whatever.

noremac40 said...

320??? Well, what I tell my friend Chris "Only You can Prevent Fatness" I'll tell you that I'm back to about 235 and if I was much skinner I'd look like a freakin bean pole and that wouldn't be good case Dad would resort back to the "good ole days" and try to pick stuff off of me. Anyway, I'm supposed to be about 190 according to all the Official documents out there and I know I'd be anorexic if that were the case, I haven’t been 190 since track season 1994. You would be fine at 250 unless you want no muscle.

FRED said...

Muscle will come, but primarily am concerned about that silly waistline

And yes, I know only I can prevent fatness, but just like any other "disease", if you will, it can sometimes be a struggle - a power of mind over body. Something that many of us struggle with whether it be food, drugs, or anything else our mind thinks we should have more of than we really should.