Monday, October 29, 2007

RE: Maine In Addition...

There was a paragraph that was started by dad, but somehow got left out. It starts, "Later in the day..."
I think he was going to tell about our little adventure as we went off the main drag, following this little gray line on the atlas/map, and the road got rougher and rougher, with little to no traffic. I think we had both decided we might have to turn around and go back the long way, and I thought, " the next vehicle that comes our way, we'll wave them down and ask if we are on the right road."

It wasn't two minutes later when here comes a car. Now mind you, most of the vehicles we saw were of the four-wheeling, pickup variety, but the car coming our way was a WHITE chrysler convertible, WITH the top down on this very dusty road. Go figure. As it got closer, it started to slow down, and the driver - the only occupant - put his hand out to indicate he wanted us to slow down, which we were happy to do.

He was a red-headed ENGLISHMAN and the car had California plates! What a very strange combination, I thought. He spoke first, asking if he was headed to where we had just come from, then it was our turn to ask questions. He told us we were on the right track, and then gave details about what was ahead, right down to the exact mileage till we got to the main road. We had a short, but fun conversation.

After thinking about it for a while, I realized this was no coincidence, and the timing, the "character" (honestly, I ask you: What are the odds of meeting up with an English bloke, driving a White convertible, top down, with Calif. licence plates in the back woods of Maine wanting to know directions from us, right after we had thought the same thing?), he HAD to be an angel aka, help from heaven! Way Cool.


darcey said...

I would agree with you, except it appears you weren't in danger anyway. What did he save you from besides uncertainty? :p

But still a cool story! Was he dusty?

FRED said...

Uncertainty is as uncertainty does.

Marti said...

Who says that angels only come when there is danger? I think they come just because you need them, even if you are just"uncertain".