Sunday, October 28, 2007

Kaua'i by Air!

I'm finally getting another post up on here! It's been hard because I have been working so much and the rest of the time I spend running, so it leaves little time to get on and tell you much about what's going on here in Kaua'i. Thing are much better, but to be honest I'm actually getting a little homesick. I miss the fall and everybody back on the mainland. As beautiful as Kaua'i is and how amazing the experience has been, it is such a different way of life and so I'm glad that I get the chance to be here for a few months, but that I get to go home eventually.

There's a middle-aged married couple, Bruce and Ellen, that run a little airplane tour business and set up a little booth next to our store to get business from the people off the cruise ships. They offered to take Kim, Sherry, and I up on an airplane - for free (these run about $100/person) - so we went a few weeks ago and got to see the island from a completely different perspective. The pictures unfortunately are not as amazing as the real deal, but I'm posting a bunch of them so you can see how beautiful and remote this place is. The inside of the island is practically deserted, it's only out on the coastline where the people live and work, so it was impressive to see that there are still places like this in the world...nearly untouched.

And this time you can get mad at ME, not Dad, for posting scenery pictures. :)

Sherry, Bruce, Kim, and I all aboard the tiny little plane. Ready for take-off!

See that shopping center towards the middle left of the picture? That's Anchor Cove, the mall where Del Sol is. I've got a great view, even if we don't have air conditioning!

Here are some of the beautiful waterfalls you'll find on the island. You can't tell from the picture, but the falls drop over 100 feet (if I remember right) and men used to jump to "prove" their manliness. I think they all died. Pretty masculine, yeah?

The highest point in this picture is the Sleeping Giant. A few times I woke up at 4:30am to hike it up with my friend Danny. We had to take a flashlight and once, he cut through a switchback so he ended up in front of me. I nearly died cause I thought some scary guy was hanging out on the dark trail since I thought Danny was behind me! It's amazing to watch the sun rise over the ocean early in the morning.

Here are some of the ridges and rocky cliffs you'll find on the island.

Just another beautiful view of the tropical jungles.

We came across multiple rainbows along our hour-long flight in the air, and they made for some amazing scenery!

I finally got to see the Na Pali Coast! This is one of the most amazing places in this world!

Another picture of the Na Pali Coast. Remember Jurassic Park? This is where it was filmed.


FRED said...

Nice pics lady. What a totally awesome experience. I can understand the homesickness, but what an experience. Live it up, girlfriend.

Matt said...

You gotta go flying I'm so jealous! It's been forever since I've been able to go. And to have that beautiful scenery to go with it! Who cares about home sickness when you got that!JK Well like Fred said live it up, it's a pretty cool experience that you have going on

Marti said...

Beautiful isn't quite right, but the best I've got. Tell your friends thanks for taking you up, since we got to enjoy it too. (That makes for a pretty-loaded down airplane! 10 adults and four kids, plus Kim's side of the family!) We all enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing. And we miss you too, terribly, but glad you are having a fun time (mostly) but also glad it's a temporary post, and you'll come back to us soon.

darcey said...

Why come there's always rainbows in Hawaii? No fair!

Anonymous said...

yikes i am afraid of hites