Thursday, December 3, 2009


Just in case ya'll wanna know what we're up to, this is the plan for Rob and I:

  • Dec. 10 - packers come and pack up our stuff
  • Dec. 11 - movers come and move our stuff
  • Dec. 12 - we head out on the open road in our two cars and drive and drive and drive
  • Dec. 13 - we hang out in San Antonio (Rob lived there for several months last year and says it's a great place)
  • Dec. 14 - we hopefully arrive in Alamogordo, New Mexico
  • Dec. 20 or 21 through Dec. 25 - we drive to Colorado and have all the fun in the world!
  • Dec. 26 through Jan. 1 or 2 - we drive to Utah and have whatever fun is left!
  • Jan. 1 or 2 through Jan. 3 or 4 - we drive to Arizona, pick up all my stuff and drive it back to New Mexico

Hopefully that's not confusing at all for any of you (it's confusing for me), and we'll see ya'll in frosty Colorado!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Greatest American Hero

Superman was spotted this weekend in his hometown of Metropolis. Early reports indicate he was improving relations with many of the citizens in town square. Halfway through the day Metropolis emergency services were called to the rail road bridge spanning the Ohio River. A one-million-ton train had caused a collapse! This was no job for the local Police and Fire Dept. this was a job for......SUPERMAN!!!

The bridge was a complete loss, but the train, all on board and hundreds of citizens from Metropolis living and working below the bridge were saved. When questioned about his "super" fast response, Superman simply replied, "It's all in a day's work."

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween '09

Well, Riley's first holiday came and went, and we had some good old family fun. So enjoy the fun pics!!!

Christy and Riley doing a little floor dancing

Our little pumkin

Then he turns into our little devil

And then back to being a hero as a musketeer

Riley and all his stuffed friends
Getting ready for trunk or treat

The cutest footbal ever!
And the cutest Ref I ever saw!
And I'm hoping to be in the Heisman trophy running this year
And what a time to sleep in after a night of fun.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Prayers for Sherry

I know Mom and Dad (and Dibby, of course) have e-mailed you all about my friend Sherry who is currently in the hospital. I ask that you all keep her in your prayers - she is my family and her family is my family when you guys aren't around.

Monday of this week she went in for a gall bladder removal surgery. She's had a stomach infection for the past few months, so we were excited for her to get this done as she has been in a lot of pain. After the surgery however, the infection got worse and they did another surgery on Wednesday afternoon and she was put in the ICU. Her mom texted me about it while I was at work, so I left early to go down to the American Fork Hospital to see her. She was conscious at the time and could hear you but couldn't talk. It was terrible to see her hooked up to so many machines with all kinds of tubes running in and out, someone my age especially shouldn't have to go through that. Well, they finally were able to give her some more pain medication after getting her blood pressure lowered, and nurses were coming and going this whole time, bringing in cooling blankets to get her temperature down and changing things. After a few hours, the surgeon came out into the hallway where I was with Laura Aguero, Sherry's mom. He began telling us that he believed she needed to be airlifted to the Utah Valley hospital in Provo where a kidney specialist was there who could keep an eye on her, that an ambulance would not be fast enough to transport her. He also said if they couldn't get her stabilized that she would not make it, and so they needed to prep her for transport immediately.

The next hour was very hard. There were some family friends there thank goodness, and the nurses were very understanding and helpful. We were all crying as we watched them get her ready, and then as they took her to the helicopter we all went out to the parking lot to go down to Provo. I took all of Sherry's belongings with me and as I was getting into my car, I watched as they put her into the helicopter and get ready for take-off.

When I arrived at the hospital, she was already in her room in the ICU. So many friends and family were in the waiting room, waiting to hear something as they were setting her up. Finally, her family was allowed to go in and see her. After another hour went by, her dad and brother came back to tell us that her kidneys were failing and that they could not put her on dialysis because now her blood pressure was too low, so they had to just watch her and take it hour by hour. We all kneeled together to pray for her, and we filled the entire waiting room - it was an amazing thing to see and to feel.

I went down after work again last night, even though only family is allowed to see her right now because she is in such critical condition. As of right now, her kidneys have gotten worse so she is on dialysis again, but overall she is getting better.

This whole experience has changed me, the way I look at things and the way I look at life. Anything can change in an instant, and while we all know this in saying, you don't know the reality until it actually DOES change in an instant. She and I went out dancing Saturday night like we usually do, and ended up at Denny's talking until four in the morning. She was happy and everything seemed fine, and not even a week later she is just hanging on...

I want you all to know how much I love you. I appreciate you, I am blessed to have you as my family. I am grateful to you, for your impact on me and my life and for the many, many things you do for me. My strengths are built upon the things you have taught me through your love and examples. I don't ever want to worry that I never let you all know that.

Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers, they are helping and working. While things are still rough, I know she is getting better and I know she will get better.

Love you all.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Fall In Oak-a-homa! (and Colorado too!)

The girls and I had a good two weeks together this fall. Here are some of our outings and activities. We stopped in Colorado for a few days to visit Nana, Papa, and of course, the newborn cousin Ned!

Sitting in the back seat of Papa's truck heading to Cameron Pass in Poudre Canyon. We got to see all the leaves turning color.

Sitting in an aspen grove near Chambers Lake

When we got to Oklahoma we went to the Orr Family Farm to see the animals, play on the playground, ride the train, play in the corn maze, take a hay ride, jump on the air pillows and pick out a pumpkin.
Trying to find our way in the corn maze
Taking the hay ride after picking out our pumpkins
Playing on the air pillow
Sportin' our new clothes! Daddy says we look "smokin'!"
Abigail working her runway pose. Soooo cute!

Being silly!

Conked smooth out! Sooo much fun, never enough time...

Monday, October 12, 2009

Vegas Ragnar Relay 2009

Pics and the more detailed run-down to follow...but had to announce that my relay team finished 16th OVERALL out of 182 teams and we were 5th in our Division! Wasn't cause of me we were so fast but hey, not too shabby for being sick and still running! :)

Also, this was my last race of the year. Bet you are all excited to not hear about running for awhile...until next year, of course. Tee hee. :)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Made it to DIA

Good morns,

Uncle Matt got Nana and Papa and me to DIA this morning in the rain. We're waiting for our first flight to Atlanta and found that we could connect to the internet, so we'll log in to let you see what's up.

They just moved our gate and Papa can't seem to get the picture to get posted, so you may just have to imagine where we are. Papa's trying once more.



Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Finally, I'm ready to go!!!

Just in the nick of time I finally got my name and even the passport. Hard to believe those government types can move that fast. Whew!!!

And Nana helped me pack my bag so I'm already with passport in hand and I can leave tomorrow morning with Nana and Papa. Oh!, I almost forgot, my name is Dibbi (or I really like it if you call me Dibs for short). Tot ziens(Dutch), Auf Wiedersehen (German), Viszlát (Hungarian) - or as they say it locally "Goodbye", see you soon. We'll let you know as soon as we can after we arrive in Amsterdam. :) If you click on the pictures they will get bigger and you can read my passport.

Luv U,


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

URGENT!!! Name the bear continued....

It's beautiful today here in Colorful Colorado but I'm getting so anxious to go to Europe with Nana and Papa that it already feels like I'm flying.
But I just got word that they won't let me fly on the plane if I don't have a name and a passport, so please, please vote on the following names - selected from a hat by Nana (is that Nana Bear?)

1) Dibby
2) MLE (short for Emily)
3) Fuzzi (we need short names for email efficiency, so left out the Fraulein)

Update!! -- update to the original Post...
New possibilities just arrived and were picked out of Nana Bear's hat -- so don't leave them out of the vote...
4) Sophi
5) Sharli
6) Babsi

Thanks to all those who submitted names.

P.S. In the event we don't get enough votes or there is a tie by Wednesday evening Papa will make the final decision. So please everyone hurry and vote (one vote to a customer) and DON'T leave me in Papa's hands to choose my name - Grrrrrr.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Must be Monday

Before leaving for work, I poured myself some cranberry juice into a water bottle to take on the way and managed to splash some on my shirt...had to change shirt quickly then ran out the door...running late, got stuck behind woman driving 2 mph out of the neighborhood...hit every single red light on way to work...was five minutes late to work...went home for lunch, heated up can of soup to eat...took soup out of microwave to stir...upon stirrage, soup proceeded to blow up in face, on (clean) shirt, and rest of I cleaned off soup bits from shirt, dog proceeded to clean up soup bits from kitchen floor...put shirt in dryer, came out of laundry room to find dog throwing up soup remains...

...despite everything, I had to laugh about it.

Happy Monday! :)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Name the bear

Hi all. You got my email about naming our little traveling bear. I thought I'd put it on the blog and update the names so far. Others can add their suggestion by putting it in the comments, and then we'll have a vote for the name.

So far, Riley came up with DibbyBear, Dallin has suggested Emily (I wonder where that idea came from?? Hmmmm...) and dad/Papa has suggested Cubby (with a "Y" not "ie", from the Bear's Christmas movie.) So get your names in so we can have a vote. She would like to have a name before we leave, but if not, I guess she'll survive a few days without one. :(
I'm looking forward to all the possibilities. Get those big brains working! Love you all.
THE Nana

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Cam and girls visit Colorful Colorado

The whole long weekend was non-stop fun and sorta felt like this:

Poudre Canyon was as beautiful as ever:

We even got to see and hear the elk:

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Riley's First Pics!!!

By popular demand, here are some more pics of little Riley
Moms first chance to see her first child, and sort of hold him
I was able to go and be with Riley while they poked and prodded, Christy's mom was there and stayed with Christy as they finished sewing her back up.

Finally!!! Christy was able to really hold little Riley!!!!

Momma and baby, soooo tiny!

Keeping Riley company while he was under the warmer, trying to keep his temperature up.

What a precious little Riley.

Soo Cute!!!!

Daddy and Riley, I look well rested, don't I, and yet I'm running off nearly no sleep for over 30 hours

Soo Cuddly, Riley really is a sweet heart, so far (we're hoping it will last longer than a few days)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Enduring to the End

Well, I'm at home for a brief moment, and I thought I might tell the quick story of Christy and Little Riley 14 hour trip coming into this world. (I just finished at the hospital with this though).

Well, Saturday, I went to work like normal and thought that I might get a call from Christy allowing me to skip out on the rest of my shift, but I never got that call, I even called home just to check. I got home and she was playing games with her little sis, and just finished tying my shoes to go for a run, when Christy was starting to get up to go, well to the little girls room. As she was getting up, the look on her face said something was a bit different, her water broke. Once she confirmed it, I was like a classic dad, running around, heart pumping, trying to gather last minute stuff and shortly after that, we were on our way to the hospital. We got checked in and they looked her over and confirmed everything we already knew, and so it began. We enjoyed the sunset between the contractions in a nice, but small corner Labor/Delivery room. The nurses were super nice and helpful, including helping stick up to our doctor when the doc wanted to start a med to get contractions going, and the nurse told her it was not needed. And so it went smoothly, Christy enjoyed a nice deep jacuzzi tub that helped, watched (sort of watched anyway) a movie, and I even enjoyed a little football between contractions.
Time got close, and after 2 or 3 hours of keeping little Riley inside Christy (Christy said that was really the worst part) the nurses finally gave the ok for her, and so she pushed for two and a half hours, and poor thing was loosing all her energy, despite not even taking any medications through the entire labor. Finally the doctor checked again, and figured that Riley must be turned wrong to finish his journey, and it was suggested that a Caesarean birth be done. We took a moment (that was really the one thing Christy really wanted to avoid like most women) and with a quick blessing, the decision was made. She still had a half an hour to wait for the surgeons and other doctors could get ready and prepped before she could get the epidural for the surgery.
She made it to the surgeon's table, and when I was finally able to go in, I can't tell you how nice it was to see her comfortable. But it was still a good trip for Riley, I watched as the doctors tried to get him out, but after 3 hours of Christy pushing, he was stuck good! The reasons he was stuck was mainly that he was turned face up and his head was turned a little keeping him from coming out. Plus they mentioned he had a large head and broad shoulders that didn't help either. Well the doctor had a tough time getting him out, I was kinda watching her really push him back up towards the opening, and she was having a tough time with it. But he finally was born!!! They cleaned him up, and I was able to cut the little bit of extra umbilical cord they left, and a they gave gave Christy and me a few minutes to see each other, and then they sent Riley and me off to get cleaned up and ready, and Christy sewn up and cleaned. All went well, thank goodness, and mom and baby are doing well, though right now little Riley is being treated for jaundice in the nursery, and if he does well we should be going home early!!!!! Thank you all for the prayers and thoughts, they are much appreciated by all three of us! and pics to come soon!!!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Riley Miller (cousin Ned) just arrived

Marti and I just got home after a quick visit to see Matt and Christy's very cute and very new little one. Here's a few pics of the visit: