Sunday, November 29, 2009

Greatest American Hero

Superman was spotted this weekend in his hometown of Metropolis. Early reports indicate he was improving relations with many of the citizens in town square. Halfway through the day Metropolis emergency services were called to the rail road bridge spanning the Ohio River. A one-million-ton train had caused a collapse! This was no job for the local Police and Fire Dept. this was a job for......SUPERMAN!!!

The bridge was a complete loss, but the train, all on board and hundreds of citizens from Metropolis living and working below the bridge were saved. When questioned about his "super" fast response, Superman simply replied, "It's all in a day's work."


Carrie said...

Nobody knows I'm related to Superman...maybe I could make some money off of

Marti said...

It's hard to be the mom of Superman. Nobody believes me when I tell them, or they look at me kinda funny-like. I wonder why that is? Jealousy, probably. But I'm sure it was good to "go home" to Metropolis, even if only for a day, and just in time to save everyone from the falling bridge disaster. Phew! Just in time!!

Darcey said...