Thursday, July 30, 2009


Four years ago today Christy and I started our lives together, and never did I think the honeymoon would last this long! Anyway, since our first anniversary Christy has been making it a goal to get me a cool collection of model planes, one for each year, so I thought I might share them with you here cause I think they're awesome!! (a couple of them were damaged in shipping including the one I got this year, the F-16 Falcon, they'll be sent to the hanger for repairs shortly).

This is the F-16 Falcon the one I got this year, along with the flowers Christy got (She'll also get a nice 1-1/2 hour massage today so I'm not cheating her out).The four planes for the four years, McDonnell Douglas AV-8B Harrier (3rd year), F-22 Raptor (2nd year), F-16 Falcon (this year), and the F-15 Eagle (1st year). This is where they are displayed, for now until the baby can start crawling around, then we'll see what to do next.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Rawah's 2009

I took a short trip into the Rawah's last week. I could have used a buddy, but everyone was either working or otherwise unavailable.
Had a great time. Beautiful country - I've never seen it so green and lush. This is the latest time of the year I've hiked these trails and there is still more water than ever. The pine beetle is taking it's toll - lot's of dead trees. I suppose this is just the cycle of nature. The flora was out in abundacne and I include a few of the flower pictures I took.

I hope to head to the Windrivers in a week or two. Anyone care to come along?

Happy summer to all!

Monday, July 20, 2009

A Good Summer thus far!!

It has been a good summer so far. It's been great being able to see everyone at least once this summer. Christy hasn't been to bad either, she's lucked out since it's been a more mild summer for the most part (except for the past few days anyway). Christy's belly is continuing to grow, and Baby continues to keep moving, last night he put on a show as we watched Christy's belly move non-stop. Over the weekend we took a birth class at Longmont United Hospital where Christy will deliver, and I think Christy was almost getting excited, she'll have access to a deep jacuzzi tub in her private suite, and then afterwards will get a complimentary massage. All that excitement is only a few months away, crazy to think it's soo close.

I'm still fight to get through all the red tape to get into the FAA, hopefully it'll be soon. I'll be in to have another evaluation in Denver next week, and then we'll see how it goes, WISH ME LUCK!!!

I've also been enjoying many of the thunderstorms that we've been getting, they really help with the moisture, and put on some great shows.

Other than all that we've been just working and trying to get things ready for Oct.

Got the crib, and one of baby's first outfits, though he'll be a few months old till he wears it (It says 'Party at my crib 2AM!').

Christy at her last book signing/art class at the local Barnes and Noble, you should have seen the girls that came running to the table when they announced she was there.

Me at the top of the Conference center looking over Salt Lake City.

Christy and me while we were hanging out with her friends from Germany.

Sun lovin Christy at Bear Lake (that day the sun loved her back too much).

At the Bountiful Temple during wedding pictures

Having fun with the bubbles at the reception.

One storm that I watched from our front porch.

Another storm over the mountains I watched behind our little house.

Yet another storm I enjoyed while sitting on the porch.

Same storm as the last.

4th of July at the airfield, we stayed outside the fence to avoid the $12 fee to see only 3 planes.

Carrie and Savannah having some fun.

Christy helping Abigail with the Russian dolls. Lots of smiles when the camera wasn't snapping.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Summer Vacation 2009

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Our First Flight with Daddy!!

So I'm waiting for comments that state this isn't my personal blog, but hey, someones gotta post stuff! Okay, okay, I'll start updating my Supergirls blog and limit how much I put here but one more post that has gotta be put here!

Since she was about 18 months, when Savannah would hear an airplane she would point to the sky and say "uh-huh, uh-huh" at about 24 months she would point and say "plane, plane." Now at 2 1/2 she says, "I hear the airplane daddy, I wanna see" and so we look up into the sky to see what there is to see. Yesterday we took a trip to the airport to see one or two planes and before I knew it she wanted to see ALL of the airplanes. Eventually she said, "I want to go in the sky daddy." As I said earlier, I'm going to need to go to my "DCN" meetings, how could I tell her no? So I scheduled time in an airplane for later in the evening.

Ironically, just before leaving to go back to the airport I checked the mailbox and guess what? There was my Dept. of Transportation issued Private Pilot License!! What timing!! My first flight with my official Pilot Certificate in hand, Abigail's first flight ever, and both Abigail and Savannah's first small plane ride ever! (on a 106 degree day--it was 85 up top!)

Abigail sitting on the tarmac while daddy pre-flights the plane.
She's not to sure about this.

Savannah, though excited, still isn't sure what to expect.
Sitting on the tarmac watching daddy, still not sure what to expect.
Car seats, check! Girls in and buckled, check! Ready to taxi.
Climbing out of Wiley Post (airport) Savannah cross checking the gages!
Leaving the ground, Abigail watches as we make our initial climb.
All done! Girls watch as daddy parks the airplane.
Abigail sits comfortably while Savannah is daddy's little helper, wanting to take part in putting the airplane away.
Savannah helps to keep the birds from nesting in the engine by putting on the engine covers!
Daddy duck and baby ducklings leaving the flight deck.
In the end I think they both loved it! Savannah especially, she kept saying, "I want to go back into the sky again daddy." When asking what she did for fun today, she would say enthusiastically, "went for and airplane ride!" A big smile then would come accross her face as she leaned in to give daddy a big hug!

Pajama Party!!!

Well, I've learned I have two problems: 1) I can't even walk by the little girls isle at Wally-World without the girls spotting all the Dora (the explorer) stuff. 2) Daddy can't say "No." I'm gonna need to sign up for the local a "DCN" (Daddy's that can't say No) group.

Anyways. . .The girls got Dora ball caps and new Dora Pajamas so we made Mac-n-Cheese, Chicken Nuggets and Homemade Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream for our 1st annual Movie Night and PJ Party! We had a good time as you can see from the pics! Party on!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Other Happenings in Oklahoma!

Every day Savannah and Abigail ask to go Swimming or to the Park. With 100+ degree heat, the swimming pool works great anytime of day but the playground....gotta save that for the 8:30-9:00pm hour. So here we are playing and having fun this past week.
Abigail learned how to go down the slide by herself! After a few successful solo runs she wanted to do what she'd been seeing her older sister do--climb up the slide! She can get about half way without help.
Rock climber Savannah!
The Abigail Stare
Daddy Paaleease can I hab some ice cream? (do you think she got some?)
Helping Daddy with the dishes...
...and playing in the water!
We met Uncle Chris at Incredible Pizza for some food and fun!
Savannah and Abigail in the Pilots seat, ready for take off.
One of the favorite rides of the evening. Daddy bought the tickets, the girls got tickets from Daddy for kisses!