Monday, July 13, 2009

Other Happenings in Oklahoma!

Every day Savannah and Abigail ask to go Swimming or to the Park. With 100+ degree heat, the swimming pool works great anytime of day but the playground....gotta save that for the 8:30-9:00pm hour. So here we are playing and having fun this past week.
Abigail learned how to go down the slide by herself! After a few successful solo runs she wanted to do what she'd been seeing her older sister do--climb up the slide! She can get about half way without help.
Rock climber Savannah!
The Abigail Stare
Daddy Paaleease can I hab some ice cream? (do you think she got some?)
Helping Daddy with the dishes...
...and playing in the water!
We met Uncle Chris at Incredible Pizza for some food and fun!
Savannah and Abigail in the Pilots seat, ready for take off.
One of the favorite rides of the evening. Daddy bought the tickets, the girls got tickets from Daddy for kisses!


Marti said...

Water and sun go well together, even if it is in the kitchen sink. I see the prep work with the girls in the "play-ride" airplane: Getting ready for the REAL DEAL! Good thinkin', dad! LOL