Wednesday, July 1, 2009

More on the "Notes"

Thought y'all might like to see the evolution of the "Notes" - Just for fun.

Here they are while the composer is trying to figure out what the notes should sound like.

They are starting to make a noise!

Tuning begins.



Marti said...

Singing may commence at any time now!

Darcey said...

I had noticed when I first saw the notes all of the angled pieces of wood and wondered how it came together. Now I know - WOW!

noremac40 said...

When I make a video, most people, when it's done say. Wow, that was good. Then move on in their life never really knowing that for each minute of movie, 1-3 hours was spent splicing frames to fit a sequence, or that effects were added to stress an emotion, and music carefully picked and precisely cross faded. The easy part is to look at it, to watch it go by on screen, normally missing the fine details layered in ever so carefully ,the viewer unaware of the talent required to deliver the finished piece of art. Well Dad, though I don't know that I will ever comprehend how you make rough pieces of building blocks become so note worthy, I'm impressed and do appreciate what you can create out of raw material. It is simply amazing and though most people may look briefly and say "wow, that's neat" hopefully there will be a few who look and really take note of what must have gone into that piece of art—not to mention the even deeper meaning and purpose behind it!! Though you should know!

Rob said...

Thanks for posting the progression of the notes! I agree with Cam, no one understands how much love and work goes into a piece of art except the artist. I'm glad you were able to give us a small glimpse at what went into making the notes. I can't wait to put them up in our more permanent home!