Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Our First Flight with Daddy!!

So I'm waiting for comments that state this isn't my personal blog, but hey, someones gotta post stuff! Okay, okay, I'll start updating my Supergirls blog and limit how much I put here but one more post that has gotta be put here!

Since she was about 18 months, when Savannah would hear an airplane she would point to the sky and say "uh-huh, uh-huh" at about 24 months she would point and say "plane, plane." Now at 2 1/2 she says, "I hear the airplane daddy, I wanna see" and so we look up into the sky to see what there is to see. Yesterday we took a trip to the airport to see one or two planes and before I knew it she wanted to see ALL of the airplanes. Eventually she said, "I want to go in the sky daddy." As I said earlier, I'm going to need to go to my "DCN" meetings, how could I tell her no? So I scheduled time in an airplane for later in the evening.

Ironically, just before leaving to go back to the airport I checked the mailbox and guess what? There was my Dept. of Transportation issued Private Pilot License!! What timing!! My first flight with my official Pilot Certificate in hand, Abigail's first flight ever, and both Abigail and Savannah's first small plane ride ever! (on a 106 degree day--it was 85 up top!)

Abigail sitting on the tarmac while daddy pre-flights the plane.
She's not to sure about this.

Savannah, though excited, still isn't sure what to expect.
Sitting on the tarmac watching daddy, still not sure what to expect.
Car seats, check! Girls in and buckled, check! Ready to taxi.
Climbing out of Wiley Post (airport) Savannah cross checking the gages!
Leaving the ground, Abigail watches as we make our initial climb.
All done! Girls watch as daddy parks the airplane.
Abigail sits comfortably while Savannah is daddy's little helper, wanting to take part in putting the airplane away.
Savannah helps to keep the birds from nesting in the engine by putting on the engine covers!
Daddy duck and baby ducklings leaving the flight deck.
In the end I think they both loved it! Savannah especially, she kept saying, "I want to go back into the sky again daddy." When asking what she did for fun today, she would say enthusiastically, "went for and airplane ride!" A big smile then would come accross her face as she leaned in to give daddy a big hug!


Marti said...

Love it! Absolutely love it!! Hope that the girls really liked it a lot too! Maybe instead of the lo-o-o-o-o-ng ride home, it can eventually be shortened abit someday, through the air.

Matt said...

Looks like it was a lot of fun! Can't wait till I can take my own kids up for a fun flight. BTW, I don't have access to your super girls blog, I would love to keep up if I can.

Darcey said...

I somehow missed this post earlier - wow! Lucky girls, and probably a fun flight!