Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I passed my PV!!!

I know everyone already knows by now, but I passed the performance verification (PV) on tuesday. Unfortunatly, I did not pass on the first day so I had to do it twice. How it all works... we are trained on what is called the radar associate, basically a helper to the controller who actually talks to the airplanes, and then we are tested at the end of training in OKC. The test consists of an instructor who operated the radar and talks to the "airplanes" and an evaluator who came from another center and the evaluator determines whether or not the student can keep going. The only problem with this is that there are no real yes or no answers, and it is all subject to what one person thinks during that time. I got done and after a long time waiting in the hallway, I was told that I did not pass and would have a few more practice problems and the following day I would retake the test. I retook the test, and this time I had 2 new evaluators grading me, and they would both have to agree to send me home or else I would pass. I did the problem, and after waiting what again seemed like an eternity, they let me in, sat me down and told me I passed, then we went on with a debriefing. Of course I had lots to still work on, but they said they were very impressed with lots of great things I did that they hardly ever, if ever see students who are in the same situation as me do. So now I am officially considered and Air Traffic Controller, it will be awhile before I'm done training, but I can now finish up here and go home!!! Also, to show how subjective the testing was, the instructor who operated my radar during the problem (he is one of the few trained on operating it during these problems and sees many tests) told me today that he thought that I had passed and didn't know that I didn't until my lead instructor found him to discuss the problem I ran. He told me by his opinion I deserved to have passed the first time, that helped to make me feel better about myself that I didn't mess up that first test to much. Thank You all for your prayers, I did truely feel the help while I was testing!!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What is really in your water...

Think its important you all view the facts and make an educated decision for yourselves and your family!!