Sunday, February 20, 2011

Nathan and Company visit CO!!!

 Nathan, Emma, Logan and Porter come for a quick visit.  They left yesterday and as I'm writting this they are stuck in a snowstrom in Evanston, WY - fun, fun, fun.  Well, we did have a lot of fun with them this weekend.   
See the video!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Here in OKC life has been both ups and downs. The first month was slower than I thought possible, and this past month or so has been faster than I thought possible. As a quick update on how my training is going...

The first 5 weeks were just the Basics, very slow, all academic, and stuff I had mostly learned in college.

For the past month or so I've been in non-radar training, basically how to safely guide airplanes when I can't see them. It turns out that I will need this training more than most controllers, I was able to meet with the Denver center air traffic manager and he gave us what areas we'll be working in. I got Area 1 which covers all air traffic over the Colorado Rockies below 26,000 feet.

Today I just had my non radar finals. Nearly aced my written, but on my practical it was my worst easy problem yet. But now I'm on the final portion of training here in OKC, the Radar portion.

It has been fun in a lot of ways but still the hardest part is being away from Christy and Riley. So I cherish each time that they come out, it seems like Riley grows up so much each time that I see him, and learning so much. So here are some pictures from the past couple times they've come out.

This was our Christmas Tree this past year

Riley all ready for bed

Playing with daddy's phone

Getting ready to go home to Colorado

Beautiful Christy!

Riley helping out!!