Sunday, October 4, 2009

Name the bear

Hi all. You got my email about naming our little traveling bear. I thought I'd put it on the blog and update the names so far. Others can add their suggestion by putting it in the comments, and then we'll have a vote for the name.

So far, Riley came up with DibbyBear, Dallin has suggested Emily (I wonder where that idea came from?? Hmmmm...) and dad/Papa has suggested Cubby (with a "Y" not "ie", from the Bear's Christmas movie.) So get your names in so we can have a vote. She would like to have a name before we leave, but if not, I guess she'll survive a few days without one. :(
I'm looking forward to all the possibilities. Get those big brains working! Love you all.
THE Nana


Carrie said...

Midge, Abba Zabba, Bijan, Samba, or Mitzi. :)

Marti said...

Okay. Will add those to the list. Thank you for you participation!

noremac40 said...

Baissier is a cute name an means is bear in Dutch!