Saturday, October 17, 2009

Fall In Oak-a-homa! (and Colorado too!)

The girls and I had a good two weeks together this fall. Here are some of our outings and activities. We stopped in Colorado for a few days to visit Nana, Papa, and of course, the newborn cousin Ned!

Sitting in the back seat of Papa's truck heading to Cameron Pass in Poudre Canyon. We got to see all the leaves turning color.

Sitting in an aspen grove near Chambers Lake

When we got to Oklahoma we went to the Orr Family Farm to see the animals, play on the playground, ride the train, play in the corn maze, take a hay ride, jump on the air pillows and pick out a pumpkin.
Trying to find our way in the corn maze
Taking the hay ride after picking out our pumpkins
Playing on the air pillow
Sportin' our new clothes! Daddy says we look "smokin'!"
Abigail working her runway pose. Soooo cute!

Being silly!

Conked smooth out! Sooo much fun, never enough time...


Matt said...

Looks like it was a lot of fun, and it was good to see you and the girls!!!

Darcey said...

Those are very cute new outfits! Someone knows how to shop for little girly clothes...
And very cute girlies, too!