Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Riley's First Pics!!!

By popular demand, here are some more pics of little Riley
Moms first chance to see her first child, and sort of hold him
I was able to go and be with Riley while they poked and prodded, Christy's mom was there and stayed with Christy as they finished sewing her back up.

Finally!!! Christy was able to really hold little Riley!!!!

Momma and baby, soooo tiny!

Keeping Riley company while he was under the warmer, trying to keep his temperature up.

What a precious little Riley.

Soo Cute!!!!

Daddy and Riley, I look well rested, don't I, and yet I'm running off nearly no sleep for over 30 hours

Soo Cuddly, Riley really is a sweet heart, so far (we're hoping it will last longer than a few days)


Darcey said...

Too precious!

Carrie said...

Awwwww! He really is an adorable baby!!!

FRED said...

We are glad all is well and he is very cute! Congrats to the new little family!!

Marti said...

He is very cute! His mom and dad are very generous to let me come by last Friday and spend an hour of quality time with Riley. HE is so-o-o cute, and such a good baby, too! He laid in my arms the whole time! But I did warn him that if he cried he was going back to mama ;) Ah-h-h, the advantage of being the Nana!