Wednesday, September 9, 2009

M&D in humid Florida

Well, I thought dad would've posted by now, but he hasn't - so if you want to see some pictures he took while he and mom visited Rob and I, go to my blog!

And here are some pics I took of them:
Watching jets take off from up highWatching jets in the air while looking at some on the groundEnjoying the heat and humidity on a beautiful beach!


dallin said...

hot hot beach! i bet i could fry an egg on the sand.

Doug said...

Darcey, Why post in two places? Since you were quick to get out the photo's I didn't bother. Did you want some more?

Had a great time - Thx

Darcey said...

I posted in two places because I'm not sure anyone looks at my blog! I was just trying to be helpful posting it here too