Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Well, earlier this day, Christy called me while at work, and gave me a bad scare, that the baby hadn't moved at all this morning for at least 2 1/2 hours (from the time she woke up to the time she called me, plus this little one is normally a real wiggle worm). So she had called the doc, and was planning on going in to make sure that the little one was ok. Luckily, about 1/2 hour after that, he moved!! just a little at first, and by the time she got to the doc's office, he was having a party in that warm oven!! Well, Today was Christy's last day of bed rest, so starting tomorrow she'll be able to CLEAN!!! (the funny thing is that she really is excited to start cleaning instead of watching me do it). The Doc did check over her, and was even a little surprised that Christy was at 1cm externally dilated and about 50% enfaced (sp? and not 100% sure what the external really means). Those indications seem to indicate that the baby could easily come any day, so as long as he can wait till at least tomorrow, we'll be doing just fine. OF coarse on top of the pregnancy, the past several days Christy came down with a nasty cold, and because of the baby, was unable to take a lot of medicines that would help her the most. She is almost over that cold and is praying that her nose will be unstuffed by the time baby comes so she'll be able to breathe.
In other news, I was driving home, and saw a rather beautiful sunset, so I raced home to grab the camera, to bad I don't have a super nice one, cause this was just beautiful, sunbeams that seem to shoot up from the mountains.
And, my trusty little Honda turned 200,000 miles, and I caught the moment while driving home from work, good thing there aren't any laws on taking pics and driving at the same time!


Marti said...

Yea for Christy! Cousin Ned's a-comin'sooner than later! [BTW, Cameron played that little trick on me,(not moving for hours and hours!!) at about the same stage as Christy, but I'd also taken a fall just before too, so was afraid it was because of that. Fortunately, he was just teaching me a lesson and testing my worry skills. So you can actually blame HIM for making me such a worrier!! Thanks Cam. I've wanted to get rid of that bad habit and now I can blame it all on someone else!! Ha, ha! Makes it easier to let it go.
"Whatever", yourselves! ;)]
Anyway, we will be so glad if "Cousin Ned" shows up before we have to leave. I really, really didn't want to miss it when it was so close. We've been watching him grow already, and want to meet him.
Oh, and having a baby makes colds and other things just go away-things like sleep, peace and quiet and more sleep! But it's all good, and I've got five really good reasons for having lost a bit of sleep. :)