Sunday, October 7, 2007

Tails of Freds Commute (no spelling error)

Ok, it didn't take long, but here is my next editorial. This is a blog ain't it.

So, I was sitting at work the other day, well, um, working. (Imagine that.) My boss comes to my little cubicle and says, "want an office?",

I wonder what he really thought I would say. "Umm. Nope. I really like my tiny three sided, five foot high cubie walls, with the onslaught of next door cube dwellers phone conversations attacking my concentration, most of which conversations have nothing to do with work. Please don't make me move!!"

But then came the catch: "I am thinking of moving to the Draper office and you would have your own office if we did."

It's only about 6 miles further from the current location.

Now, for someone who drives 44 miles each way to and from work, why not round that out to an even 50? A commute would now be one hour and 10 minutes rather than an hour and 5 (that would be a average commute home. Usually it only takes me 45 minutes to get to work). For many in the office, it doubles their "long" commute and they complain that their five minute commute might now be ten. But not I. The thought of having four enclosed walls, with a door that locks, means I could shut out the outside world, focus on my work, complete it faster than I could at the cubie (where interruptions are the norm), and be home before I would otherwise be. Yep, thanks to me, the boss is seriously considering moving our department.

Boy, wouldn't it stink for everybody if I start working at home full time?


darcey said...

I don't get it, why is it "tails" instead of "tales"? Am I missing something? :p

FRED said...

Tail Lights, baby. You know the things you look at every day for a couple of hours! :)

darcey said...

Ohhhh tail LIGHTS...

noremac40 said...

Get a helicopter!! It will make your commute about 7 minutes. 12 if you count take off and landing. Just make sure you leave early enough to get a good parking spot! The last thing you need is to be knocking out others car windows with your Chop-ters as you land!!!