Sunday, October 21, 2007

Hey Ya'll

At first I was going to Photo Blog only, then something came over me to write a little so here goes....Life in OK is exactly that, OK. Some of the going ons are interesting and I will not detail them out here but know that everything and everyone is OK.
Savannah is growing fast and is really fun to have around. She is a very good baby who seems to only get upset when her tummy is empty--which is often because she eats like a bird, she likes to snack more than eat. She seems to take notice of everything, today in church, while she was seated on my lap she started fussing while leaning forward and stretching out her arm. She turned and looked at me and then did it again, and then a 3rd time before I finally got it. Two rows up was a mother going through a diaper bag and while doing so had a bottle in her hand. Savannah saw the bottle somehow knew what it was and wanted it, I don't know how, from the angle I barely could tell what it was.
She is also crawling more going further and faster everyday. Also this week she got a good handle on pulling herself up on things.
She loves watching Sooner Football with Dad and during this weekends game she learned the 'Umpire hand signal' for a 'missed field goal'. While waiving her arm left and right she shakes her head to indicate the miss. Of course this movement is triggered best when dad yells out "The kick is up.....and it's....NO GOOD!" She'll then clap regardless of which team may have missed--we'll work on that one next week!
In other news, I have sold one of the tanning salons--mixed emotions of course but it's nice to see it go. Still in the process of transacting the whole deal but hope to be done in a few days.
Hope all is well, but most of all I hope my efforts here calm our mama down a bit :) A Thanksgiving trip to Colorado may be in the works, I'll let ya'll know if it will come to pass. Enjoy the pics but most of all, LOVE ME!


Marti said...

Thanks for posting and letting us know things are OK in OK. Good to know. And what fun pics of Miss Savannah! I can see her daddy in her pretty little face. Especially the baseball cap one! Looks like father& daughter are liking the company.
Keep working on the football training. She'll be a true Miller soon! (No comments from the other Miss Miller's, please!)

FRED said...

Congrats on the girl. Sounds like your full of them.

We will probably find out ours on Friday. Will let you know if we do.