Monday, October 8, 2007

I've escaped the ghetto!

Well, Natch... not to BRAG or anything... but today was the last day I had to commute.

Granted, my commute was only 25 miles each way, but it took 40-50 minutes in the morning and 60-75 in the evening (longer in the evenings than mornings too, why is that?).

After a year and change of driving to Phoenix every day, things are finally turning out how I planned when I first moved here. It took me a job, another job, a move, and a job transfer, but I'm finally living and working in a nice area! Both home and work are in Chandler now as opposed to Mesa and Phoenix or Chandler and Phoenix. For those of you that might not have heard any of my horror stories, Phoenix is not a very nice city (and you can read about some of them here and here). And if you're in a nice part of Phoenix, a not-nice part is probably only a block or two away. They call it the "checkerboard effect" and it's very weird. I'm glad I've finally escaped, and I don't plan on going to Phoenix anymore without a very good reason!

Battling some of the construction traffic a block from my old office today


Marti said...

Poor Darcey had to drive that awful drive one more time this morning, to take me to the airport. But it should be good now, right, Darcey?! Thanks for everything. Hope life is even better with me gone ;).

darcey said...

Well I didn't have to drive quite as far, but poor LuLu suffered yet another mishap! A giant rock to the windshield!

Good thing I never fixed that LAST huge crack!