Friday, October 26, 2007

With a name like that...

We had a doctors appointment earlier today, and we found out some exciting news.

We are expecting our third boy! Although Tiffany and I didn't really care, she was secretly hoping for a girl. Mostly because she wanted to create a girl room and was waiting to see if we could put two girls together in a room and the two boys in a room. Guess not. Sure, we need to expand homes for additional room, but that probably won't be for a couple more years. Until then Emma will have to share with one of the boys and that means no dedicated girly room.

So, let's begin a contest. What will Nathan and Tiffany name child #4? We have a first name chosen unless we can find a better name or if the boy pops out and just doesn't fit the name we chose. But a middle name is yet to be thought up so let us know of what you think it should be.

Go ahead and guess away. It will be interesting to see what you think we might choose.

Now, on your marks, get set, start the guessing!!

(By the way, Tiffany and I know a couple (and come to think of it, I think Cameron and Tammy knew them too at one point) that named their son, GUESS. The first time we asked what his name was, they said, "guess". Of course we didn't, and luckily so. I believe it was Shleen Monson who named it if you care to know. Crazy if you ask me.)


darcey said...

Please don't name it Brigham.

How about Blaze? That'd be a pretty sweet name. He'd HAVE to be the MVP of the football team!

spiffytiffy said...

Only if you don't name your first girl Tori.

FRED said...

Sorry, that last comment was not Spiffy Tiffy, but fatch natch. I have now logged into mine.

noremac40 said...'s gotta be Smuckers! Ha, ha. I'm thinking it will be HUM.....Henry Uchtdorf Miller if not that how about Jeffery Gordon...

Matt said...

I know Tiff wouldn't have Uchtdorf because then he might become a pilot and that would be too dangerous

Carrie said...

How 'bout Kana? That's the Hawaiian name of my managers little two year old. He's cute. I especially think it's quite hilarious when he is at our store and he whacks customers in the legs as they walk by. I would think it equally amusing if you named your new bun in the oven Kana and he did the same.

Think about it, eh?

FRED said...

So far, way off. Kana doesn't go with the trend we have.

Note that all the kids have a double L in their middle name. Although this wasn't initially planned, I can't stop with this one (Tiffany, however, thinks we can and has picked out a middle name without a double L. I told her no - C'mon, the kid will think he is being cheated!)

Marti said...

You almost got name Mahonri-moriacaumar. How about it?!


Too bad it isn't a girl, since Millie has two L's

darcey said...

I thought you spelled Dallin's middle name with one L instead of two, and I thought that was redonkerous considering if it was two L's then he would have two in each of his three names which would be sweet. So did you go with two L's after all?

I'll have to guess the little one's middle name will be Holland or Ballard.

FRED said...

Actually, his middle name should be Russell, but we made a mistake on the birth certificate with just one.

So as far as we are concerned, there are two. But it will take more effort to make it legal. We will let him decide when he is a little older.

BTW, no Uchtdorf. Jeffrey is out becuase a new little cousing was born with that name (Tiffany's younger sister).

I like your suggestion on Holland or Ballard, , I didn't even consider them, but those last names don't make good middle names. But who knows. It follows the trend.

How about Charlles? Or Dougllas? We could make it work :)