Monday, October 29, 2007


Family Home Evening tonight was the family carving pumpkins. It wasn't supposed to be.

Dallin asked me last week if we could carve pumpkins on Saturday. I said we could. Saturday morning came and Tiffany told the kids that they needed to clean up their rooms before we could carve pumpkins. Six hours later, after many of their toys and books were taken away, they finally picked up the last piece of paper from the ground. Tiffany and I had somewhere to be and it was time to pick up the babysitter. Too bad they have their dads genes, 'cause if they didn't, they might have had their room clean a lot earlier and could've carved pumpkins on Saturday!

Here are three of the five pumpkins carved. Logan's is the traditional one. Emma's is the one with the big mouth. She said she wanted something scary and showed me what she wanted. She actually did the design. I was impressed. I designed the mischievous one. Dallin had a small one that didn't come out in the darkness as my battery was dying. Tiffany too carved hers as a translucent which looks great but wasn't bright enough to come out without a flash. Maybe later.

Happy Halloween!!


noremac40 said...

Fred, the last one looks like you!

Marti said...

Hey, they are all so CUTE! Nice job, carvers!

dallin said...

my mom said mine looks like a ninja turtle.