Saturday, October 20, 2007

I'm Finally Here

Well, I finally got the invitation to participate here. Any way, Life is great as it should be, although busy and crazy at times. I just finished another six day week at work where I had to deal with crazy "Goat People" occupying the premises. Well, they were people who lived for goats, raising them, herding them, and breeding them. Oh the fun that happens at the good old Fort Collins Marriott.
School is alright, only three classes this semester since at the beginning of the semester Aims dropped two of my classes. In fact I probably should be working on my homework. Oh well. So far all A's so all is going well there.
Christy is taking a Lit class at Aims and is trying to get ready for spring semester by taking a math class with her mom now so she can finish college next semester. If all goes well we'll both be done with our AA's next semester. It'll be nice to finish that up.
She's in the process of make her website, which can be seen at however it is still under construction so it will be fully operational at a later time. Of coarse this is being done in preperation for her book that should be published and released next year. But we are in the waiting period of publishing a book. The contract is signed by both parties so it will be published, no worries there. She continues to draw and write her stories, I think she has 5 different stories she's doing right now. In the her spare time she is working at Lenscrafters and once or twice a week at sunglass hut.
Well That's the up date on the Young CO Millers. It's great to see what you all are up to, talk to ya all later!
P.S. The pics are from our backpacking trip earlier this year with Dad and his hiking budies


darcey said...

That chippie is the coolest! Glad you're here, BoOgS, I added a link for Christy's website too which is pretty sweet (the website, not the link).

Welp, see ya later!

Marti said...

Welcome aboard, matie. Good to hear from you, too.
I'm looking forward to checking out Christy's new web page. Good for you!

Matt said...

Mom you didn't know christy had a webpage?