Sunday, November 11, 2007

What's UP with Cameron

OK, so some of you are wondering what is going on in Oklahoma but are perhaps afraid to ask. I guess now that that some concrete decisions have been made it's best to tell you "what's up." After months of discussion and contemplation, Tammy and I have come to the determination that some things just don't work the way we had always hoped and we've decided it's time to part and move on with our lives separately. Without detailing out all the reasons for this decision, we, for the most part have agreed that we're "better off friends than lovers" and we hope to preserve at least that friendship, especially since we have children together that we'll have to make decisions for. Weird as it may seem, Tammy and I always functioned better as friends but have never figured out how to be partners in the romantic husband/wife relationship. It was not an easy decision nor one that was taken lightly but one that we know is best for the futures of each of us. Enough said on that.

Last Saturday, some of Tammy's family showed up with a large trailer, loaded it up with all her things and moved her and Savannah back to Idaho.

My heart hurt and tears flowed as I watched them drive away, walking back in the house it seemed so empty, pictures we're missing from their places, the carpet held fresh imprints of furniture that once covered them up. But among the pain and sadness of that moment was a feeling of relief, that the very painful decision was in fact the best. Most of all I am so sad that Savannah will grow daily and I will miss so much of it.

There it is in nutshell, my life right now. So many pieces being picked up and being put back in place. Some days are good and others are very lonely. Don't know if this was the best way to keep everyone informed but it felt like the thing to do. Attached are some of the pictures I have from my last few minutes with Savannah--oh how I miss her.


Marti said...

Thanks for sharing. We all support you, knowing that it had to be a very difficult and painful decision. As a family (I'm speaking here for everyone!) we will be there for you in anyway we can, and we also hope for the best for Tammy, too. Our prayers and thoughts are with you.

dallin said...

a care bear with power

Carrie said...

You'll always have us no matter what, no matter what life brings or what challenges you face. We're there for you every step of the way, you are never alone and we love you so much. I know you are hurting, but remember you've got an army of support behind you.

Love you lots.

Matt said...

Well big Bro, sorry to hear about all that, but as you're getting from every one else, we're here to help you in anyway you need. You've always been there willing to help me, so don't forget I'll do the same for you. Love ya Bro!

darcey said...

If you're ever feering ronery, call me and we can be ronery together!

Love you lots and lots, as hard as it is I'm sure things will work out for the best.