Thursday, November 22, 2007

Turkey Bowl 2007 Loveland, CO

A fresh layer of snow blanketed the playing field, a nice crisp chill in the air, My cleats tied on, lucky game socks with the sweet smell of victory, and my game day t-shirt on, oh what a day for some FOOTBALL!!! This year I must have been in better shape than the past few years cause I didn't come out nearly so sore. And with the snow that we got made it a lot more fun to. It was hard to say whether my team won or not cause when one team got behind I was traded over to that team to help them out, hmm maybe its in the genes. It was a blast though. Happy Thanksgiving to ya all!!!


dallin said...

it is snowing? how could it be snowing?

Matt said...

Well Dallin, it is November, has it snowed yet at your house?