Saturday, November 3, 2007

Oldies but goodies

I've been trying to organize all the photos I have on my computer and various websites and I think I've finally got them all in one place! I moved the rest of the photos I had on Geocities to Flickr. Here are some good ones:

Me, mom, and Carrie around Christmastime in 1998

Petey was the coolest hamster ever!

Everyone chillin' on the Niwot grass after Carrie's graduation ceremony

Me and 80's popstar Tiffany. Sweet!


dallin said...

cool pictures darcey. My moms name is tiffany.

Marti said...

Awesome pics. Some more awesome than others. Love you.

Marti said...

BTW, I really liked the one with you and Petey. So cute. Both of you!