Sunday, November 4, 2007

Meep meep!

Since moving to Arizona, I've noticed a few critters here that you don't see much of in Colorado or Utah... some good, some bad. It's fun walking down the sidewalk and seeing a little lizard climb up a palm tree trunk or seeing a toad the size of a cantaloupe in a marshy area of desert. I've even seen a rattlesnake and as you all probably know, a scorpion! Thankfully, the rattlesnake was not in my apartment.

But on my way to church this morning, I saw - for the very first time in my life I believe - a real live roadrunner! And wouldn't you know it - he was literally running across the road, right in front of cars in all four lanes. No worries, though, he was as fast as the cars themselves! Meep meep!


Matt said...

Sweet!!! Road runners are soo cool!

Marti said...

You mean to say, they are real?! Not just cartoons? Cool. Lucky you.

Carrie said...

Did you know that Baby (my cute wittle car) sounds just like the Road Runner when I honk the horn?

This is a huge part as to why I do not use it.

dallin said...

that is against the law