Thursday, November 1, 2007

Test, Test, Test...

It has been so fun reading about all that has been going on in everyone's lives! Thanks Darcey for getting this going. I figured it was time for me to contribute and hope you will all bear with me as I figure out how this all works.

Halloween is over!! Hooray! I may sound a little over-zealous at the fact, not to mention a lot ba-humbugish, but we have been so partied out this month that last night having to dress everyone up, once again, to go on the hunt for more sweets was just about all Nathan and I could bear. It was fun, however, to see the excitement of the kids, so of course, how could we not take them trick-or-treating. Here is a pic of the trick-or-treaters.
They went with their cousins, Spencer (alligator), Hunter (monkey), and Mckay (adorable lion) Haslam and a friend of the Haslams, Kimball (Thomas the Train) and Dads. Dallin (Egor hunch back), Emma (Mad Scientist), and Logan (Son of Frankenstein) of course struck it rich in the candy arena, and I'm trying to think of ideas on how to bribe them to give a little of it up to save us all from cavities, hyperactivity, and malnutrition. Oh well, I guess that's what Halloween is all about, right?

Speaking of sweets, Nathan had his last big splurge yesterday in preparation for the beginning of his "biggest loser" journey. I thank you for all of your support. We often talk about how important we feel it is to live a healthy lifestyle, but have struggled in trying to balance all of the other priorities that we face day to day. I honestly feel that with all of the support that Nathan now has, that he is going to meet his goals, no questions asked, and I hope that a little of his determination will rub off on me, as I struggle to not gain the 50 lbs that I usually gain with each baby. (According to the text books, I'm only supposed to gain 25.) I'm sad to say that I'm well, on my way to becoming HUGE! I had someone ask me my due date the other day and she said, "You're just like my sister; she gets really big, really fast." I've also had someone say, "Ya sure there's not two in there?" Good thing I'm not the type to get offended.

Anyway, I just wanted to share one more thing that I think Doug and Marti will especially appreciate. In an earlier Blog Nathan, talked about how the kids lost their pumpkin carving priveleges last Saturday, along with most everything that was in their room, because they refused to clean up. Well what he didn't tell you was the dialogue that went on following that incident. To set the scene, I had just left Dallin and Emma's room with a garbage can full of their toys, clothes, etc. Emma and Dallin are both crying at the thought that Mom would throw their beloved belongings away, after explaining that if they weren't going to take care of their things, then they might as well be thrown away or given to children who needed them. (Doug, Marti, does this sound at all familiar?) So I closed the door and left them to hopefully start picking up the remaining items in their room. I soon returned to see how their progress was coming, only to find that nothing had been done, so once again I began picking things up at random and carrying them off. As I opened the door to once again check in on them, Dallin said, "Mom, the time has come for me and Emma to find a place to live where someone loves us." I was a little taken back but responded," You don't think I love you?" and he said, "Well you threw our stuff away." I said, "Well, I think anywhere you go to live where someone will love you, they will expect you to clean your room sometimes." I shut the door, and then this lament ensued:

Dallin: Well Emma where are we going to go?

Emma: Where will we find food?

Dallin: We won't have any clothes. We'll have to go live in jail.

Emma: I'm scared! (sob, sob, sob)

Dallin: Well, they don't really put kids in jail. (I guess he said that to make Emma feel better.)

I didn't hear the rest cuz I was laughing too hard, but even after all of this, Nathan ended up cleaning the rest of their room for them by placing everything in a garbage bag and carrying it away. By this time I think Emma and Dallin were just glad to have a clean room and didn't even care that their stuff was gone. Nathan and I still have a closet full of stuff, and the few things that they really missed the kids have earned back, and the rest, they haven't thought twice about. I have realized through this experience how we really don't need stuff, and that sometimes, not only does it not make us happy, but just trying to take care of all of it can be the barrier that keeps us from experiencing the greater things in life. (like carving pumpkins)
Till next time, see ya!


darcey said...

Oh no! They're going to jail?! :)
How cute.

I agree, all this "stuff" we think we need gets in the way sometimes and is more trouble than it's worth!

Marti said...

WOW! Did that bring back some memories! Sounds just like our house a couple of decades ago, and yeah, they never missed many of the toys. The only problem is that it is so fun to give. There's the rub. Doug and I were actually reading it at the same time, different computers, and we both just cracked up laughing. THe conversation was great! What good thinkers you've got. They thought of just about everything.

Thanks for the picture of the great mob of trick-or-treaters. They were darlingly scarey. It's hard to even imagine any of our little sweeties as an orgre, Mad scientist or a relative of Frankenstein, but then we often want to be the opposite of what we are, so that's good.

Tiffany, the only reason you may "look huge" is because you start out so small. Based on what I've seen you do in the past, I would just advise you to not worry, and ignore others comments - they just aren't thinking! You'll be just fine and so will your beautiful baby boy. What's his name again?! ;)

Marti said...

This comment is in reference to Fred's weight loss. We got onto the link, but couldn't leave a post, so here it is:
We are all cheering for you. After the first week, just keep your goals in sight, and it will get easier not to have that piece of candy. It really helps when you see the weight leave, it gives you the power to continue. Let us know of your first week's loss so we can celebrate with you - ah-h-h, maybe a half an apple as a special treat. Besides, I found that having to report my progress helped me stay on track. Good luck!
Oh, btw, my sister has lost over 100 pounds since March. If she can do it, so can you!

Doug said...

For Fred since I couldn't put on his blog:

I'm amazed at what you are attempting. My fingers are crossed. Your mother and I went on weight watchers back in 1989 for awhile. She did super and it helped me. She's done it somewhat since. One thing I/we have done since is drink only skim milk and never(well almost never) use a spread such as margine or butter on bread. We changed some of our eating hapits permanently -- just not enough. I could lose a few too.

Good luck!!!

dallin said...
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dallin said...
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Matt said...

Awesome story, It is soo fun to here what's going on in your house, it sounds like there are very few dull moments

Carrie said...

Ah ha ha ha ha!

That cracks me up. Man, I miss you guys and those silly kids! :)