Monday, August 23, 2010

youtube links to China cruise video

The following are links to some very well done video of someone who took the trip to China earlier this year that we are now on .  We enjoyed watching and think you may too - at least until we can do our own show for you.

1. Shanghai

2. Suzhou (silk factory), Nanjing, Mt. Jui Hua (a Buddhist Holy Mountain) and the Wuhan Museum

3. Yueyang Tower, Jingzhou and a visit to a school supported by Viking Cruise Lines.

4. Three Gorges, the Three Gorges Dam, the Doning River (Lesser Three Gorges) and the Shibaozhai Pagoda.

5. Fendu and the Snow Jade Cave, Chongquin and its zoo featuring Pandas.

6. The Great Wall and the Sacred Way of the Ming Tomb.

7. Beijing: Tianamen Square, Frobidden City, Sumer Palace

8. The Viking Century Sun, the hotels and the Cultural Fashion Show onboard

9.  The Crew Talent Show aboard the Viking Century Sun riverboat.


noremac40 said...

I hope Dad's slide show is more exciting though I have my doubts..... :)

Darcey said...


Well hopefully Dad's slide show will be SHORTER than all those videos at least...

Marti said...

LOL!! to the comments!! We can wish.