Monday, August 2, 2010

Cameron and Jordia, etc. visit

Jordia made a big move from Texas to Colorado Springs. We met she and her mother (Becky) and step-father (Randy) in CS and helped unload the trailer and get her moved into her new digs in CS. Later they came for a short stay in Loveland.

Jordia's mother and step-father go jet skiing

Devil's Backbone hike with the guys.

Cameron takes us flying

Riley in the pilot's seat.
Boyd Lake
Devils Backbone
CSU Stadium

Horsetooth Reservoir

Can you see Marti, Matt and Riley in the picture?


Marti said...

Thanks for chronicling so many parts of our lives. I really do appreciate your efforts to add to the family blog. I'm sure others appreciate it too, even if they don't let you know.

Carrie said...

I appreciate it! I check it on a regular basis to see what you guys are all up to cause my life is pretty boring. :)

Darcey said...

Aw, look at Riley the little pilot!