Sunday, August 22, 2010

Dibby's New Wardrobe!!!!!

nǐ hǎo (hello),
Hi all.  Dibby wanted to share, but she does need some help with what she wants to say, so Nana is interrupting:

  Nana & Papa started packing for China the other day so I decided I needed to pack too. Nana made me some new clothes just for China, and they are reversible, including a satin outfit just for the Chinese Opera (in case Nana, Papa and me go to it.)
I am so excited about our new adventure half way around the world and a whole day ahead of you all! Papa said that we probably won't be able to send very many pictures, but I will try to remind them to write things to you when they can. I'll bet you can't wait for my "report" when we get back!!   Bye for now!  Love, Dibs


noremac40 said...

Oh Dibby, I am so excited to see you sporting your new threads while in China. The reversable idea is great, perfect for those just incase moments when you have to get formal fast.

Carrie said...

Dibby is one smart, well-dressed bear. Can I please take Dibby's place on your trip??? I can take excellent notes for the report! :)

Darcey said...

Seriously, why is Dibby the favorite? Maybe mom can make some reversible vests for my baby!