Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Nana and Papas' trip home from Indiana.

Michigan coastline.

Northern Michigan along Lake Michigan coast.

Beaver Island in the distance.  It's full of Mormon history - see James Strang.


On Lake Superior.
Lots of shipping accidents happened near here.

Last night we camped near the Tahquamenon River on the Michigan Upper Peninsula.
Looks like a Root Beer float.

Lake Superior near Marquette.
Ship loading dock in Marquette.
Loading ore onto the ship.

Did you know that Nana walks on water?
Keeping the ore cool so it doesn't spontaneously combust.
Marquette university dome.
Supposedly built without nails.
We spent the night in Ashland, WI.  Would you believe they get lot's of snow here?
The local weatherman.
Along the Mississippi River in Minnesota.
Self explanatory!
Did you know this?
A short stop for fun.
We stopped in Pipestone, MN, and found a new place to visit.
Pipe-stone is a soft carve-able stone.
The Oracle.
The pipe-stone is the bottom layer in the far end of this excavation.
Mitchell, SD.  Anyone remember coming here back in 1986?
A closeup of the corn works.
Which one is the corniest?
100 years and still going strong!!??
We visit the Badlands.
We stopped in Wall Drug - just to say we've been there.
It's really just a big tourist trap!
Interesting sculptures in the Black Hills.
One last stop before heading back home.


noremac40 said...

Mom must not be home and dad is bored, hence all the pics!! :) Love me!

Marti said...

Thanks to dad for documenting what we did and where we went. Otherwise, I might forget! Thanks, Doug!! :)

Darcey said...

Wow. That's a lot of pictures! It took me a full minute just to scroll down the page as fast as I could!