Monday, July 20, 2009

A Good Summer thus far!!

It has been a good summer so far. It's been great being able to see everyone at least once this summer. Christy hasn't been to bad either, she's lucked out since it's been a more mild summer for the most part (except for the past few days anyway). Christy's belly is continuing to grow, and Baby continues to keep moving, last night he put on a show as we watched Christy's belly move non-stop. Over the weekend we took a birth class at Longmont United Hospital where Christy will deliver, and I think Christy was almost getting excited, she'll have access to a deep jacuzzi tub in her private suite, and then afterwards will get a complimentary massage. All that excitement is only a few months away, crazy to think it's soo close.

I'm still fight to get through all the red tape to get into the FAA, hopefully it'll be soon. I'll be in to have another evaluation in Denver next week, and then we'll see how it goes, WISH ME LUCK!!!

I've also been enjoying many of the thunderstorms that we've been getting, they really help with the moisture, and put on some great shows.

Other than all that we've been just working and trying to get things ready for Oct.

Got the crib, and one of baby's first outfits, though he'll be a few months old till he wears it (It says 'Party at my crib 2AM!').

Christy at her last book signing/art class at the local Barnes and Noble, you should have seen the girls that came running to the table when they announced she was there.

Me at the top of the Conference center looking over Salt Lake City.

Christy and me while we were hanging out with her friends from Germany.

Sun lovin Christy at Bear Lake (that day the sun loved her back too much).

At the Bountiful Temple during wedding pictures

Having fun with the bubbles at the reception.

One storm that I watched from our front porch.

Another storm over the mountains I watched behind our little house.

Yet another storm I enjoyed while sitting on the porch.

Same storm as the last.

4th of July at the airfield, we stayed outside the fence to avoid the $12 fee to see only 3 planes.

Carrie and Savannah having some fun.

Christy helping Abigail with the Russian dolls. Lots of smiles when the camera wasn't snapping.


noremac40 said...

Sweet Matt (and Christy and Cousin NED!) Thanks for sharing your summer! Hurry out to Oklahoma, where maybe you can see some tornados with those thunderstorms!

Marti said...

Yea for you for updating us on your comings and goings this summer. I still think Christy needs a ride on a jet ski! ;)

Anonymous said...

cameron, :( don't ask me to come. i am scared of tornados.

Matt said...

Hey Dallin, you don't need to be scared of tornados you just need to learn about them, then they don't become as scary. Then they can be fun to watch (unless they set up over a city, but that really doesn't happen very often).