Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Young CO Millers update

Well, I realized that it's been awhile since I posted more than just a quick note on a few things, so I decided that I got a little bit of time at work tonight (I was called into do the over night with only a few hours to get some rest before coming in) so here is a little bit. Well, I just finished a week of midterms, all four midterms happened to be on Monday, so that was nice to get them out of the way, but I still had to go to class on Wednesday. So school is going well, I've got two fun classes, both flight simulator classes, and surprising to me, I'm doing better than most students who already have their private pilot license, or at least my pretty little patterns on the computer screen look a bit better. Maybe someday I can transfer that all over to real flying. My other two classes are pretty boring to me, economics, joy. Well, half way done with the semester!!
Christy is take a class up at Aims CC. She started off with a math class, but when the teacher expected the students to already know the material without him actually teaching it, she decided to switch to another class that fitted her schedule, so water color was it, and after she started 2 or 3 weeks late, she got caught up in like 1 class period, and she of course amazed her teacher with her painting ability. We do believe it was a good thing she switched, though math comes easy to some, and difficult to others, she might have stressed over the math class to much, especially since we later found out that she would be expecting. So Christy and I will become parents this year. The due date is Oct 14th, and so far everything is going well, and though Christy does get the morning sickness, it hasn't been like some of the horror stories that we've heard many women complain about. So we are very excited for these challenges and joys that a new baby will bring.
Christy is still working on her book. She is doing a re-edit on the first book, and should be finishing up soon, then she will start back at trying to promote it more than she has been able to recently. She does have a book signing and an art class coming up soon at the local Barnes and Noble, a two day event that should help get her name out there a bit more. And for you who are waiting for book two, don't worry, it'll be coming out soon, maybe, hopefully.
Well, that's really most of the news/updates that we have, it's been good to read what all you have written, since there was a big gap of very little being written by us. Hope that all goes well for every one, and we look forward to hopefully seeing everyone come the end of may(?). We love you all, and will talk to y'all later!


Marti said...

I know most of this already, but it's nice that you update for others, and so we are all on the same page. Thanks for keeping us all up on things in the Young CO Miller's lives!

FRED said...

Yeah, math is overated any ways! I have never used my calculus that I learned. I struggled learning it, then it finally hit me and I understood it and the possibilities were, well, great. Then I became an accountant. 1+1 still equals 2 and that seems to be the most I need to know.

Hey, I loved my economic classes. The different theories of monatary policy were intriguing. Of course, you can't beat the consumption\possibility curves either. Oh, yeah, what a class. Wish I could go back.

(tongue planted firmly in cheek)