Saturday, March 21, 2009

Savannah and Abigail's Spring Break 2009

We were supposed to spend our Spring Break between Oklahoma and Colorado, but as we've learned, things always change at the last minute and normally as Daddy is headed out to see his little girls. This visit did not disappoint in that regard; Daddy was already on the road when he was told plans were changing--Nuf-said...
In life, when given lemons I don't make lemonade--that is the obvious thing to do. Instead I strive to make Cherry Lime-aide so those observing can say "how in the world did he do it?" And so it was for Spring Break 2009, I was dealt a bushel of lemons and did what had to be done to make something sweet out of it.
I left Oklahoma after work on Friday and found myself in Idaho Sunday night sleeping in a hospital bed with Savannah. She had a lung problem that was given 3 different names depending on which small town doctor or nurse I talked to. Monday morning she was released and we got Abigail and went to the Willow Park Zoo in Logan. You never would have known Savannah was just in the hospital. We took it easy, but she seemed as happy and healthy as any little girl with a runny nose and a slight cough.
We had to take Abigail back to her mom and then Savannah and I stayed in the Marriott (thanks to Uncle Matt who hooked us up with a good deal!) since the doctor was worried that staying with Grandma might get her sick--he wasn't sure if Savannah was contagious still or not. Hmmm.
We got Abigail back the next day and decided to do some site seeing. We found ourselves in Promontory,Utah, to visit the Golden Spike National Monument. We saw the RR tracks and learned a little bit about trains.
Then a miracle happened! The girls' mama said Abigail could stay with us for 2 whole nights! That was a first!!
Later in the week, Savannah, Abigail and I found ourselves at Aunt Carrie's in South Salt Lake City. We stayed there for a couple of nights and had some fun hanging out with Mia (the "puppy goggy")and Carrie.
We went up to Park City and saw the Olympic Park, then finished our visit with a dip in the Great Salt Lake--Oh the bitterness of that water and the bitter taste of having to return these two sweet girls back to their mother.
Guess like lemons you have to get past the bitter rind in order to find the sweetness within. I think we found it in this visit. There are two little girls who might not fully understand it, but they know their Daddy loves them very deeply and he knows he would go ends of the earth for them.
Thankfully this time it was just to Idaho.
Silly Girls--always trying to get away with stuff behind Daddy's back

Just hanging out at the Marriott

Savannah likes to put Abigail on her lap--remember that Abby weighs the same as Savannah!

The Golden Spike Monument out in Promontory, Utah, where the last spike was driven when the transcontinental railroad was connected.

Having a picnic near Promontory Point.

At the Utah Olympic Park in Park City Utah! Didn't have enough time to take a bobsled ride...maybe next time!

Dipping our feet in the Great Salt Lake, on the west side of Antelope Island.

The idea was to role up the pant to avoid soaking everybody's pants. After all the splashing we should have just jumped all the way in!

Footprints and Shadows in the Sand.

"Savannah Speaks"


Darcey said...

Aha ha ha ha ha! LOVE the Rock-a-baby video! And everything else! Looks like a good time for all!

Marti said...

So-o-o precious. Thank you for sharing. If I say more, I'll cry.