Friday, March 6, 2009

Too proud for words

Hello, my lovelies! I wish you could know what is in my heart: It is over-flowing with love and joy! I see you all moving forward and doing such wonderful things. I am so proud - the good pride, not the bad!

Congrats to Carrie for a little one to love and take care of. Mia is a cutie and I am glad she makes you happy - and even more responsible! ;) You do have the support and acceptance of one of your parents, but I probably wouldn't make a good dog-sitter. :(

Yea for Matt and Christy. Waiting for that first baby is one of the most exciting life-changing moments (okay, months to you, but it really is only a moment if you could see it from my perspective!) of your life. It will never be the same again, and that's okay too. Great, in fact. I am holding my breath for the ATC paperwork to come in, JUST IN TIME, to make all the other deadlines work. But in any case, we are here to help mama Christy anyway we can, even though she has many other helpers close by too.

Cameron, all you do for your girls is totally incredible to me. So much, with such a little reward of time. Of course, it's extra nice for us because we get to see you more often this way, but we would give that up in a minute if it could be better for you. Good luck with all the challenges you face in the near future.

Nathan, you inspire me and I wish there were other ways we could enjoy you and your family more often. The kids are growing up so fast, even faster than you all did, so it seems, and that was just a blink of an eye. Keep up the good thoughts, work - the home work kind - and give those sweet kids and beautiful wife an extra hug now and again for me. Wishing I could do it more often myself.

Darcey, I've waited a long time to see you so happy, it thrills my heart just to hear it in your voice and see it in your face, even if it is only in pictures. Rob is beyond words. Just the thought of him coming to our house was exciting enough, but he exceeded any and all of the high expectations we had and demanded for our "lung yady." And just so you all know, we did ask if he was an Eagle Scout: Obviously so, since he passed the acid test and your dad was more than pleased with what he saw and heard, though he didn't appear to show it! He wants you to be happy, but it's still hard to give up his little girl-which other dad's of this family will learn some day, too. I can't wait to have everyone else meet him. He fits so well in our growing-little group. Darcey, one question: Did you and your grma A. get together and decide you'd teach me a lesson? It parallels your dad and my "courtship" and marriage plans so awfully close, and as more details come out, others may marvel at the commonalities too. Just cause it worked didn't mean you had to follow it. ;) Poor Carrie: How is she going to follow in your footsteps now?! Are there any other real men out there? (It's okay, Carrie; I've got faith in you! No worries!)

Your dad left this morning for Nepal. I'm not sure what you all know, but this isn't for hiking, though there will be some of that. It's for the work that is being done to make the medical center and school for the remote village that Jagat came from, where it takes 9 hours of walking just to get to medical help. Now there is going to be a medical center for the people who live there thanks to the efforts of Randy, Bob and to a little lesser degree, your dad. Randy really got it going with the corporate backing of Intrada, the company he works for. There is a rather large contingent going, so it will be quite different. I do know that he flew into Newark today and then onto Delhi, India. That flight is about 14 hours long. Then they have a 15 hour lay-over before flying on to Kathmandu, Nepal, arriving on Sunday afternoon, the 8th. He will basically be out of touch until he returns to the states, which will be on Monday, 23 March. What kind of surprises could we come up with while he's gone? Hmm-m-m-m...

I am fine. I've got lots of projects lined up for myself (what would mom be without her projects?) and I am busy at school. Still in second grade. (Dallin, there is another kid in my new class that reminds me of you, again. Blonde, blue-eyed and smart, alot like you! I guess I just want to have you in my class, so these other boys show up so I think of you.) I tend to live it (school) almost 24/7, but am hoping I can let some of it go a little since we are on the down-hill side of the year. (Any bets?) I've done both parent-teacher conferences for this school year, and just finished doing report cards, yet some people still call me, "Just a sub!" Them's fightin' words!!!! I only get sub pay, but I do all the work. Not complaining, -too much. I was glad I could help my friend, Mary, during this very difficult time for her. So it's worth it.

Family Vacation (I hate the word "reunion") thoughts:
Nathan's family is looking at going to Disneyland this fall and has "invited" others to join. You all know that I've wanted to get something going, but I have the bad habit of procrastination, thinking that now won't be a good time because.... or because.... But if we don't start somewhere, it will never happen. SO, thanks Nathan, for getting the ball rolling. Keep us all posted (here is a good place for that) on the plans - when it may be, and we'll see what else others can do. I'm guessing Matt and Christy won't be available, nor Darcey and Rob, but who knows? Stranger things have happened. (Remember our trip to DisneyWorld? That was a true-blue miracle, right down to Cameron's knee surgery, so even he could go - sorry Cam. ) Anyway, other ideas I've had are: Renting a condo at a ski resort, during ski season, of course; Renting a house-boat on Lake Powell so we can skip along the water in the jet-skiis; Meeting/camping in Yellowstone [Darcey, it might be more fun with Rob around ;) ]; a cruise (now, that's a REAL dream!). Other ideas out there????? Post it. Let's talk.

Well, enough of my epistle. I guess that's why I don't do this too often: I talk way too much.

But most of all, please remember I am so very proud of you all and love you more than you know. Some of you THINK you know, but you have to have done it as long as I have to REALLY KNOW! so....

I win!!
I've got the best kids in the world!
Love you lots and lots and lots.....
Hug, hug!! Kiss, kiss!!!!! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



noremac40 said...

Whewww, always want to keep my Mama proud! Glad we don't disappoint! Thanks for sharing, Love You!

FRED said...

Of course I know how much you love me. I have been loving you as long as you have loved me.

Marti said...

True that, NATCH!

Marti said...

You NEVER disappoint. Okay, almost never ;)