Thursday, March 5, 2009

Wonderful Challenges

I came home late tonight thanks to a wonderful work schedule that will never allow me to do anything the first few days of any given month. Nothing. No matter how sick or how hurt (even Tiffany having a baby did not stop me from working during these nights as we close our monthly books). Death might give me some allowance, but even then, I wonder how things will get done without me. Not that I am that important but nobody knows my bookkeeping strategies or understand the intricacies of my division. So I work and it gives me satisfaction that I will probably have a job well into the future. As soon as the boss has somebody else learn my areas of responsibility, then I will fear. Well, I do digress and I did not get on to talk about work.

Instead... let us talk about politics!! Just kidding. Tiffany was awake as I returned home, watching a movie. Normally, when I get home late on some of these nights I usually expect to find her either in bed or downstairs on the computer doing finances. I guess we both like late night bookkeeping. But no, this time she was up with Porter watching a movie. As I came into the room he perked up his head to see what was the commotion. Then, with a straight face that only Porter can do, he just stared at me. Finally, he came to me and we enjoyed some time together playing around as Tiffany finished the movie. It reminded me of the good ol' days back in Logan when I would come home late at night (every night) and play with the kids (Tiff kept Dallin and Emma up so they could see daddy as they did not see me due to morning classes and working late). It reminded me of a time that we had little but enjoyed life. I am sure that in the daily chores of taking care of kids and having no husband around to help, Tiffany may not see it like that. Of course, taking 7:30 classes and leaving school to go straight to work until 10:00 at night wasn't that fun for me either. But as I look back, I think of what a wonderful time it was in our life. Obviously it wasn't wonderful in the fact that I didn't spend a ton of time with my family (sufficient, but not a ton), or in that we were busy going to school, or that we had to worry about how to pay to fix the car if it broke down or a myriad of other possible issues that abounded. But I still look back and think, what a wonderful time. Why? - Because we were working together for a cause that was just and a challenge to meet.

May I suggest, family, that if you ever think your life is not going somewhere, pick a challenge and go for it. I see Dad heading off to Nepal again. The challenge is not the next climb up a mountain, as fun as I know that is for dad. But it would seem the challenge is finding ways to help a people he has fallen in love with. A people who are half way around the world.

It really doesn't matter the challenge. I see Carrie getting her beautiful puppy, Mia. The challenge isn't buying the food or the vet bills, it is the challenge of taking care of something that depends on you. When somebody (or something) is dependent upon you and you sense the responsibility, we may raise to the challenge.

Sometimes we go looking for challenges. Look at Matt and his FAA dream. He has worked so hard for this opportunity. Why somebody would want to take on that kind of stress and responsibility, I don't know? Two planes on a collision course separated by five miles of thin air will rely on Matt to guide them safely to their destination. Way to go Matt in going after a dream. Challenges often are brought upon by our own aspirations and as we accomplish them, a sense of purpose and fulfillment fills our bosoms. Matt, just don't let me crash the next time I am in your airspace. ;)

Sometimes challenges come as we develop talents and hobbies. Darcey and her budding business interests: Cupcakes and other tasty treats. Now there is a challenge. Who would ever have thought that cup cakes would be the main ingredient in a business plan? Now, I don't know Darcey if you are even considering such an establishment, but as you play with tastes, sizes, and possible sales, there is a challenge that you rise to meet. A better recipe, a better flavor, a new idea. It moves us forward to better and greater opportunities.

Some challenges come when we wish they wouldn't. But as they come, we still push forward and make the best lemonade smoothie invented (Darcey, you should get into this as well - especially in Phoenix - yum!). As I have watched Cameron and the challenges of being a father yet being far away from his children has been a heart wrenching experience for me. But the time, expense, and love that he expends on his girls to spend time with them shows how we might rise to the challenge no matter the circumstances. No doubt this is not how he wants it, but he works as best he can to be with them often. His rise to meet this challenge has been an inspiration to me indeed!

I want to thank you all for being inspirations to me. Life is full of fun and amusement, but it is the challenge of life that leaves us fulfilled. Mom, you are truly the most inspiring. Staying home to raise five wonderful children may have been fun, it may have been a sacrifice, it may have been a blessing, or quite possibly a curse. Yet, through the challenge of being our mother, we have all surfaced with resilience and fortitude that will get us through much of what life has to offer. Thank you. (However, your organizational skills did not rub off on me. I wonder how life would be different if my home were full of quotes and sticky notes.) :)

Cheers to you all and sorry, this may not have been a 'fun' piece to read, maybe even a 'challenge' to get through, but to me, it made me appreciate my family and the challenges we all go through. It is these experiences that build our character and strengthen us for future challenges which we will look back and wonder with amazement why we enjoyed those times soo much.

It is now too late to stay up any longer and I must get to bed with the challenge of getting up early to go and run. Now there is a challenge!

Good luck to you all on your next challenge.



noremac40 said...

Thanks for sharing Fred! :)

Carrie said...

That made me cry. It's true...while I am still very happy with life and how things are going, challenges and all...I think back to when I first moved to Orem working with persons with disabilities for less than half of what I make now and doing things that were very challenging, I loved it. Absolutely loved it. And I ran into one of my old clients last weekend at the MC Hammer/Vanilla Ice concert and it made my day to see him again and remember those times.

Wish you all the best on your you.

Matt said...

Thanks for sharing as well, and ATC stressful? well, I think it's exciting!

Marti said...

Thank you, for you very deep, heart-felt observations with the wisdom of a much, much older person. I'm tearing and smiling. Thank you. And you are absolutely correct: It's about rising to and reaching towards the challenges life gives you; that's what makes life really worth while, especially when loved ones are there - to be loved and return that love. Above all else, my greatest wish/prayer is that you will all be loved and have someone, or better yet, many someones to love and give love in return, because (as I had stenciled in my bathroom, to the chargrin of my ladies!) "ONLY LOVE IS REAL." You all make me a VERY PROUD, and satisfied momma. I thank you for that, too. Love you. H,h! K,k!! SQEZZZZZZZ!!!!

Darcey said...

Thank you Natch, that was very thoughtful and beautiful. And so true - we are all facing challenges in our individual lives and I'm so proud to be a part of this amazing family.