Sunday, June 28, 2009

old things are fun

every Sunday i come on the blog. i go to the old stuff. you should go to the other months too. it will remind you of things you forgotten over the months.

from Dallin (p.s. Darcey i need you to erase a picture of me and the flag. i didn't write any thing).


Darcey said...
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Darcey said...

That is good advice, Dallin! Since people don't write much in here, it's fun to go look at the old posts. I will delete the picture of you and the flag.
If you get bored, you can look at my blog, too (I usually add new stuff every week):

Or click on the links on the side of miller*time

Marti said...

Thanks Dallin, for prompting us to get on the ball and write some more stuff, and to remind us to go back and laugh again at the old posts. That is a good reminder.