Monday, June 29, 2009

Just adding a little something...

Hi, all. I always try to check out the blog every week, like most of you, and get so excited when something new is added. I love to see and hear what you are all doing and what is important enough for you to share. I really do appreciate those of you who bring something to the table, but feel that dad & I don't have anything important enough to share, but then realized that just sharing is important in and of itself, so I will try to participate more, too. Thanks for the prompt, Dallin.
Only news items I have to share:
The lake is FULL!! It is as full as we've ever seen it and at it's limit. It is nice to look at, to ride around - on our bikes, and to canoe or jet ski in. The invitation is always open to have any of you join us, you know.
The grandfather clock is back-to-life again, after a clockmaker fixed it (expensive, but it's my birthday, Christmas, Mothers day present, and worth it!) and set it up again.
Also, last Friday we went up to the "cabin" (needed some work done on it and clean-up. Fortunately dad had gone up and done some cleaning a couple of weeks ago, so it wasn't TOO awful!) and spent the night, then Saturday we helped to work on the road-filling pot-holes, leveling out places, etc. It was good to meet some of our "neighbors on the hill" and to hear their stories about building cabins without permits, etc. Maybe I can get dad to add a picture :) It's so much better with pictures, right?!
One more thing: Most of you know, but just so everyone is aware: Dad & I are going to take a trip to Europe this October. Dad put it together after his Nepal trip, (guilt?) and we decided we'd better do it before there isn't any money left! It's a river cruise from Amsterdam to Budapest. More on that later, if you're interested.
Dad is taking wood working classes, and I'm into my 'projects', so the summer is just going by. That is about all I have to add, which is very boring and why I don't usually write, but if we don't all contribute, what's the point in having this great tool to share our lives with - and it's alot easier than writing letters! So I'm sending the challenge on to the rest of you: Add something! Love to you all. H,h!! K,k!!! SQZ!!!


noremac40 said...

I always add stuff! If you look down the latest list here, say 2009even, I think you'll see nobody has posted more than me... =) Just sayin!

noremac40 said...

Oh, but thanks for the update, it's nice to know that you and dad are up to stuff and not just sitting around waitin' to die...hope to see you soon!

Marti said...

I didn't mean to sound like you weren't adding things, because it's true, you add a lot, including pics and videos, and I do so much love seeing and reading them. I was just saying that I don't add much. Thank you and others who "make my day" by putting things up!