Monday, November 3, 2008

Ricky the Raccoon!

So I was camping this weekend and as the sun went down the racoons came out. As many as 4 at a time were running all around the campsite looking for food. One, Ricky we'll call him, was able to get away with some garlic. He hauled it up into a tree hiding it on a limb somewhere. So the next morning, I went looking for it. Never was able to find it, however, Ricky was back wanting more. Upset that my Dutch Oven meal was flavorless (lacking the garlic) I still went "out on a limb" for the little rascal and fed him some carrots.


Matt said...

so what's up with the Texas hat? Didn't they beat OU? You see what betting will do to you, loose your pride by wearing an opponents head gear.

Darcey said...

Nice! I had some raccoons following me around... when I was in Canada... last month. I don't have any of the pics yet. I didn't name any of them either. They were not as cool as Ricky.