Saturday, October 18, 2008


Well, today was Christy's first book signing for her book. It was held at Barnes and Noble at the newer mall at Centerra here in Loveland. Well, some of the employees mentioned that it was a rather slow day for being a saturday, but did that stop us??? I THINK NOT!!! Christy and her little twin sister got there to set up, and luckily the events coordinator got the books yesterday. Christy talked to her the other day and the events lady was getting worried that the books weren't going to be in on time, but they arrived just in the nik of time. So the table was set up, and Christy began to sign books. She was there from noon till four, and sold all 26 books!!! In fact, mom wanted to buy 6 books, to take to Utah and sell to friends and fam, but Christy had to limit her to only a couple, so that all of Christy's soon to be fans could have a copy. We had read before that a successful book signing one would have to sell 15 books, so I would call this book signing Super Successful. Now it's time to start planning the next one. So if you want a visit from us sooner than later, and I know you want one, contact your local bookstore to have Christy come in, and then get everyone in your city to come out, and that will guarantee a quick visit from us, and a soon to be millionaire relative.


Carrie said...

So...if I got a bookstore in Utah to agree to do a book signing, you would come and visit for it? And when you become millionaires, you won't forget about your non-millionaire relatives that assisted you, right? ;)

Congrats on a successful first book signing, one of many to come I'm sure!!!

Darcey said...