Saturday, October 11, 2008


This was supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year, football season. Today that most wonderful time got squashed. UT-45 vs. OU-35. BUT, I was there to witness it first hand. Had a good time and for those that saw the game know it was a great game, Oklahoma just didn't come out as the best team on this day. Beyond that, there is so much tradition with this rivalry. For years the two teams meet at a half way point to play, happens to be at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas during the HUGE Texas State Fair. The stadium and the fair was jam-packed with burnt orange and crimson that really ends up being a massive tail gate party from early morning until late evening. I must say, if ever you have the oppertunity to attend this event yourself, it is well worth making the effort. Maybe I'll go back for more next year, but for now I can check the Red River Rivalry off my Bucket List!

Outside the Historic Cotton Bowl, just before game time.....
From my seat about 45 mins to kick off.
Decided to go over to the UT side and taunt the orange cows!

B-52 Flyover as the Star Spangle Banner finished up.

Boomer Sooner--Go get it boys!
Part of half time, a look to the North West, catching the top of the Dallas skyline. Does that say TEXAS??OK, so we may have lost, but seeing the 7 National Title Dates seemed to ease the pain a little. (The Texas Semi had only 4 years of National Title on their rig....)
Looking into the Cotton Bowl from the top of the Western Hemisphere's largest Farris Wheel. I can see where my seat was from here! What a day, I'm ready for bed.


Marti said...

IT was a great game! Sorry your team lost

Matt said...

THat was a good game from what I could see of it between tasks at work. THough they did fall behind whenever I wasn't watching. Next year tell my boss I have to watch the entire game then the outcome might be better.

FRED said...

I happened to watch the last half of the game. Wow, what a wild second half. Texas pulled out at the end, but I still thought OU had a chance up until the last minute.

Wish I had known you were there, I would have looked for you ;)