Thursday, November 27, 2008

This Weeks Highlights with Savannah

Savannah meets (scary) Santa. . . .But I heard him exclaim, ere he DOVE out of sight "Holy Reindeer girl, those are some lungs!"

We participated in the 'Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade" --Red Neck Style!

Going for a "work off the turkey" trot
"Savannah, do you need your diaper changed?" (This is how she assumes the position)

Can't tell which one is bearly there...Savannah is putting together her 'Princess Bear'

Still out for our Turkey Trot

Savannah talking to Daddy while he is at work.

Always a good helper, Savannah helps make the bed.

Ah, Oh, Baba.....needed a diaper change.

Sportin' the new hat that Nana sent while getting ready for the next Broadway performance.

Leaving the mall after spending time (and $$$) at Build-a-Bear Workshop.


Marti said...

Oh, what fun!!! Wish I were there too!

Carrie said...

Super super cute is all I can say cause that's what it is!!

Matt said...

It looks like it was a great father daughter date week, I'm glad you two were able to spend some precious time together.

Matt said...
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