Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Mindless Post

I got lost today.

Mondays or Tuesdays I pick up 2.5 gallons of goat milk for a family in the neighborhood. The goat farm is located near work and therefore makes sense for somebody who is down there to pick up the milk and bring it home after work than it is for the family to pack themselves into a vehicle for two hours for a special trip each week.

Well, suffice it to say, I left work at 5:00, went to the bank (the milk costs money and they don't accept credit cards and I forgot the checkbook) to pick up some cash, and on my way I went. In the past, I have often picked the milk up during lunch and several times have picked it up late in the evening because of my silly work schedule I sometimes have. In those times, I don't have to cross three lanes of traffic onto a private lane that is not lighted very well in an inconspicuous area. Just three lanes without traffic without light. Much easier.

Another long story short, I have old contacts that need to be replaced, and therefore things are very blurry now. Not bad enough to not drive, just bad enough to have a hard time seeing when a cars lights are blaring at me.

So there I am, on a busy road and blurry eyes during rush hour traffic and I could not find the private lane for the life of me. I ended up turning off, pulling out the trusty blackberry, finding my location and to my surprise, found that I kept stopping my search and turning around just before I came to the private lane. I consider myself a master of directions. A force of cardinal intuitiveness. A savant of cartography. But yet I got lost.

I thought I wasn't supposed to lose my sense of direction until I got old.

I mean, c'mon, I'm not 30 yet!



Marti said...

There are just some days like that, so chock it up to the day. Feels silly, though, doesn't it. Lucky you to have a direction-finding qizmo along for the ride! ;)