Friday, April 9, 2010

Spring Break in SLC

We baked Easter Cookies! It took some time to convince the girls the cookies wouldn't bake very well all lined up next to each other. Savannah insisted that she be the one who put the cookie in the oven. Daddy kept telling her the oven was hot, she kept telling Daddy "I be careful putting cookies in not to touch the wires..." And she was very careful. Both girls are such good helpers!

We found a farm and were able to feed the ducks, there was a little play house there that the girls just loved telling me that it was just their size.

Couple of cuties! I'm not sure what to think about their little poses.
They did it all on their own when the camera came out. I think I'm in trouble...


Marti said...

They are a pair of cuties! Hmmm... maybe they are models-in-training with the posing! lol