Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Porter's Birthday Card

So, we have had this camera for a while now, but I haven't found the time to figure out how to export and upload files from it. So, Tiffany made me upload this one which I am sure that means more to come. Porter just got Mom and Dads card for his birthday. The rest is in the video. The sad part is that Tiffany stopped recording right before he drop-kicked the card, which I thought would have been a laugher if she caught it on tape.

Other family news: Logan has been accepted into the Chinese immersion track at the local school. For those not familiar with immersion tracks, they go to school and learn everything in a different language with just a few hours a week working on the english language. NOTE: They say that after third grade they are ahead of their regular school classmates, so we hope this is a good thing.

Emma is now off track. She has basically a three week spring break. Tiffany does not know how to keep her busy. Luckily some of her friends have it off as well.

Dallin continues to enjoy learning. He even opted to come with me to the caucus meetings last night. His only wish is that he could have voted when it was time to vote. Only 8 more years Dallin, then voting is all yours!

Tiffany and I have nothing to report other than we think there is a change needed. Change of location or something. We have grown out of our house and are bulging. We are trying to prep the house to get ready to sell. Carrie, get ready, we may use you if the price is right!

Cheers to all



Carrie said...

Love the kiddies! So cute!

And, herrroooo! Of COURSE you're gonna use me to help you sell your house and find another one! Duh. lol


Marti said...

Thank you for video taping and uploading that - it was so fun to watch! :) What a great idea especially since we miss so many moments being so far away.

Porter reminded me a bit of Matt and Logan a bit of Nathan helping little bro out! Sorry we missed the drop-kick!! LOL

Doug said...

Fun, fun!!! Thanks for sharing.