Thursday, March 18, 2010

New nephew/cousin?

Rumor has it that there is a new Miller living at Nathans going by the name of Banin Miller. Nana Marti brought home the latest Highlights magazine from school and you can see the question that Banin sent to the magazine has been answered.

Keep up the good work Banin!!!
(Actually we think the magazine people should go back to third grade and learn how to spell Dallins name correctly).


Darcey said...

Makes me wonder if they spelled "Naamon" wrong too - it's a name I've never heard before!

FRED said...

We wished we kept a copy of his original hand written note. It would be fun to see if it really looked like Banin. With that said, Dallin has said it is now his pen name.

Maybe it's the start of the next Samuel Clemens!