Thursday, August 20, 2009

Windrivers 2009

This year I entered from the Northern end of the Windrivers and the Green River Lakes Trailhead. This is the head waters of the Green River. The picture is old Squaretop and the Upper Green River Lake.

It rained on me most of the first day - creating more beautiful scenery.

One thing you just can't get away from in the way of civilization is those fly boys.

After the trip's early rain, there was nothing but gorgeous weather, including cool nights with some frost to decorate it all.

Brought back again by popular demand, another fabulous self portrait.

The marvelous views:
One of the reasons I trouble myself to hike these trails.

On the way out would you believe I saw two unicyclists on the road?


Marti said...

Beautiful scenery, but I really like how I get to enjoy it from my computer! Keep on hiking!!

noremac40 said...

Looks like retirement isn't so bad after all.....2 things, Nice shot of the Chemtrails coming off of that airplane! Did it start to rain a few hours after that? Also, I've been thinking that getting a Husky type Brush Plane or a Sea Plane might be fun. Both can land there in the mountains and maybe that would be an easier way to see the views than taking the hikes! Just a tought!

Doug said...


No rain after that, but lots of rain a few days before.

I would love to see the Winds via a plane. Easier, yes, but the thought is it would give me a better overview of the whole and maybe some ideas of where to hike to next.

Are you offering to take me for a ride?

noremac40 said...
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noremac40 said...

Sure we can go for a ride, that would be fun! I may want to take a few hours of "mountaing flying" instruction before getting there though! Could probably fly out of Ralph Wentz Airport outside of Pinedale!

Darcey said...

Very pretty pictures! I guess I can see why you keep going back!