Saturday, August 1, 2009

Leadville or bust!!!

Just for fun on Wednesday we headed for a day of mountain madness in Leadville. We stayed at the Mountain Hideaway B&B. Rather rustic, but full of interesting paraphernalia (see the stuff on the ole barn).

(To see picture detail in large format just touch them with your mouse)

A local sculpture!!!

A backyard playhouse I'll bet Logan, Emma and Dallin - even Savannah would love.

We took our bikes and rode the Leadville Mineral trail. A bit steep for us flat landers, but really fun. This trail started in Leadville, rose about 800 ft. above town in a 12 mile loop. Along the way there were turnouts to learn about the mining and local history. Actually, they were just much needed rest stops, at least for the uphill side of the trail. It was really lots of fun with lots of excellant scenery.

Back in town we found a mailbox that I know someone in the family might like.
What do you think Matt?

Many of the houses were painted with fun colors.

On the way home we skipped Eisenhower Tunnel and went over Loveland Pass - It was raining lots with snow mixed in - in July.

We also stopped in Central City. Hadn't been there since they turned in to a gambling town. We didn't belong.

Also took a short side trip to the Moffat Tunnel. Someday we're going to take the train and go to SLC through the tunnel.


noremac40 said...

hopefully nana made drawings of the play house so that papa could build it! Looks like ya'll had a gay-ole-time!