Monday, April 27, 2009

Medical Mission to Nepal

Rob called last night with birthday greetings. Thanks Rob! He wondered how my excursion to Nepal went. I filled him in a little and then told him I would add some detail to the Miller blog for he and the rest of the clan. So here it is. Darcey, let him know it's here and send me his email add. Questions are welcome.

It's now been over a month ago I returned from Nepal being part of the first Medical Camp to the Kumari. This was a great trip and a result of the Nepal trekking trip I was part of 3 years ago. One of my hiking buddies found a corporate sponsor to build the medical clinic that our guide was trying to find help with. This has been our guides dream since his father died some years ago from an injury in which he couldn't get needed nearby medical help. This corporate sponsor has since backed out now with the shifting economy. However, they did give it a much needed financial kick start last year. A non-profit was recently established and the work continues. Our first medical camp was a huge success. The medical camp site was dedicated for the building of a med clinic and that effort has begun. See: for more details of the story and some info. on the organization.

I went along as the chief photographer for the trip and had a great time. Try the link below for viewing many of the pictures:

Also I have a few videos I made and put on youtube if you're interested.

Site preparations for before the Med Camp happened:
Getting to and around Kathmandu:
The trip getting to Kumari and the welcome we received as we arrived:
The education side of the non-profit. Delivery of book bags to the school children:

There is more video. Go to youtube and search for he4nepal.
The ones with title starting with "MedCamp:" are mine.



Carrie said...

I meant to comment on this when it was first posted....

Daddy, I think you are so amazing to have gone on this trip and to help the people in Nepal that have few things. It's been amazing to see their joyous faces, and very heart-warming to know that they are being looked after. It is an inspiration to me to give back to others who are less fortunate and I hope to take advantage of opportunities that present themselves to me.

I love you and I'm proud of you!!