Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy birthday, Carrie!

Every year you get older it reminds me of how old I'm getting! Dang it!Happy birthday anyway, honey!


Carrie said...

Sanks lady!

I wike the bunny!!

Marti said...

How old YOU'RE GETTING?!! Let me tell you, I win in that contest! It was just a very short while ago she sat on my lap and we played, SOOO BIG!! It's a happy/sad emotion when your little girl is "all growed up." Happy 25th anyway, and I hope it's a year of many happy times!

Darcey said...

You ARE getting old... you can't remember how old which of your kids are! :p

Carrie said...

HAHAHA! I know, right?? GOOD one, Mom! 25? I don't think so, lady! I'm not THAT old, but you might be....lolololol.

Okay but seriously, I love you. :)